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ACF Middlebrow #21: Brooklyn


Flagg Taylor and I bring you a movie fit for the festive season — a beautiful piece of selective nostalgia, a story devoid of anything sordid. A girl from Ireland is sent to America in the 1950s, to make something of herself, to find herself a future — to find her path to a decent happiness. You get to see her adventures in Brooklyn and it’s a perfectly Tocquevillian story of America’s many voluntary associations. It was a success and earned three important Oscar nominations, including protagonist Saoirse Ronan’s second actress nomination — she has earned a third meanwhile. I have an introductory essay over at The Federalist and, of course, the podcast for an in-depth, loving conversation about a wonderful movie.

ACF Critic Series 2: Armond White’s “Better Than” List


Armond White published his 13th “Better Than” list, the only counter-cultural idea in year-end, awards-season fawning over the same overpraised film-making, usually in undercooked  film criticism. Here’s the list! He joined me to talk about the sorry state of film criticism, as well as about three worthwhile movies. We discuss where they touch on greatness: Greta Gerwing’s teenage girl’s coming of age story, Lady Bird, Terence Davies’s Emily Dickinson biopic, A Quiet Passion, and the indefatigable Luc Besson’s dazzling, startlingly insightful galactic 3-D blockbuster, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Worlds.