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QOTD: Camera vs. Sandwich


The late Sam Kinison, an incomparably loud and invariably offensive comedian, once delivered a comedy routine about famine. He remarked that whenever he sees heart-rending scenes of famine victims he wonders, “How come the film crew didn’t just give the kid a sandwich? How come you never see that? What are they afraid of”that it would spoil the shot?”

His famine routine was really very funny. In a twisted way it was also trenchant. The “Camera or Sandwich” problem is a good starting point for examining any human problem. Is it better to try to collect lots of insights about many issues than to get bogged down in particular problems involving particular people?

On the Nature of Sandwiches: An Open Letter to Jonah Goldberg


Jonah, I enjoyed reading your column. As always, you have a style that makes the reader want to finish, no matter how much they disagree. It was well thought-out, though your logic was flawed. The biggest mistake you made was one of a closed mind.

Allow me to explain. You claim that sandwiches must meet extremely specific criteria. They are: two distinct slices of bread; proteins (meat), fats (cheese), or vegetables between the slices; eaten with parallel slices of bread on a plane perpendicular to the vector of acceleration due to gravity. This is a perfectly acceptable definition and has no doubt served you well in your life so far. But…

What’s for Lunch?


Every now and then I crave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And when I’m feeling particularly low and want to cheer myself up a bit, I’ll make a PB&J and I’ll grill that sucker until the peanut butter runs shiny and smooth.

But mostly, for lunch — these days, anyway, when I’m on a strict low-carbs diet — it’s the guts of a sandwich without the bread. In which case, something with mostly meat (I’m a sucker for anything Italian cold-cut-y) but with the bread tossed aside, wantonly, like one of those ravage-the-heroine scenes from a Victorian novel.