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Does anywhere else besides N.C. have “Sanctuary Sheriffs”? The one I hear about on a radio campaign ad (opposing his independent streak) is claimed to have released a man who attacked 2 people…then after release, went on to kill a 19 year old girl, but there are few details. This story tells of another one: […]

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When I was a young man and a libertarian, I thought the sanctuary movement was just fine. I figured borders were kind of arbitrary, people should be free to go where they want (so long as they didn’t infringe on the rights of others, etc., etc.), and it was right and just for a church […]

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for December 5, 2017 – number 152 – it’s the San Francisco Dodges a Bullet edition of the show with your hosts Hartford radio guy Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist Mike Stopa.

Today we have special guest and good friend (really, she’s a friend…we have had a beer together at a restaurant and everything. I think it was twice even) Jessica Vaughan. Jessica is the Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies and about as knowledgeable as anyone in America about immigration issues. (And, did I mention? she’s a friend).

The long-awaited Ricochet Harvard Lunch Club mug is here!

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for February 1, 2017, it’s the This is What the Trump Trap Looks Like  edition of the podcast. We are brought to you this week by Patriot Mobile. Do you want a portion of every dollar you pay for mobile phone service to go to left wing causes? That may be happening, but there is an answer: Patriot Mobile. And we are also brought to you by SimpliSafe. Protect your home the smart way without the expensive long-term contracts using Simply Safe home security. Visit Simply Safe-dot-com-slash-RICOCHET. That’s spelled S-I-M-P-L-I-S-A-F-E dot com slash Ricochet.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are encouraged by President Trump’s vow to enforce existing immigration laws. They also rip Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for her Syria trip and going easy on Assad in her analysis. They unload on disingenuous Democrats upset about Trump looking to end sanctuary cities, and they note the rise of Canada’s Trump – and it’s someone you may well be aware of.

Greg Corombos of Radio America and Ian Tuttle of National Review applaud House Speaker Paul Ryan for quashing an attempt by some Republicans to bring back earmarks. They also slam the defiant Democratic mayors who insist illegal immigrants will be fully protected from deportation in their cities. And they discuss the social media crackdown on fake news and what passes for journalism on the left these days.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club podcast for November 15, 2016 it’s the Primal Scream edition of the podcast with your hosts, radio host Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist Mike Stopa. After six days we are all still screaming! Some scream for Donald Trump, some scream at Donald Trump and some scream, unaccountably, for ice cream.

This week on the podcast we will talk about more fallout from the election – from the enthusiastic protests of professional troublemakers and precious snowflakes to the promises, promises of Lena Durham and fellow travelers to leave the United States (don’t let the door hit you on the way out!); from the new odd couple in the White House – of course I am talking about Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon – to the nation’s courageous mayors who are reaffirming their commitment to stand in the schoolhouse doors and prevent the enforcement of Federal Law. We’ll talk about marches by the KKK that aren’t and Mike’s plan to use the purse strings of scientific research to force universities to ensure that their janitors and gardeners are all legal U.S. residents.

Garage Workspaces – Starting Over


Garage-Workshop-Plans-Just-Common-DesignFor those of us who have a garage, it may simply be the place we park our car or store our stuff. For others, maybe the garage serves as an extra room or a studio of sorts. But in the end, for many people, it is just another space that they pass through. Not for me.

Growing up, we moved around frequently. Sometimes we had a garage, sometimes we did not. When we did, it was far more than just a place to store things, more than a space to park the car; it was a refuge, a sanctuary from the outside world. It was a place altogether masculine: the smell of wood and cigarette smoke, the sounds of power tools, projects on the bench in various stages of completion, tools hanging on the pegboard or in hidden in their drawers but always in their proper place. It was a place to experiment, to build, and to swear. It was a place to try new things, fail, and try again. Perhaps I am romanticizing, but I don’t care. I want that garage. I want that workspace.

In the first house I bought, I built a simple bench and pegboard at the back of the garage. It wasn’t much, but it was suitable for limited storage and provided space for me to indulge in efforts to repair old console radios and turntables. My tool collection was limited in those early years, but I had all the basics. I had bigger plans for the second house, and so had a bigger workspace, but — due to the imposition of other priorities — it never lived up to its potential beyond the multitude of pinewood derby cars designed and built there. And then the tornado hit, and it was all gone.