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There is an oft-used cartoonist’s cliché to depict various celebrities and political figures ascending to Heaven when they die. Some celebrities it can always be argued, are worthier of such lofty praise than others. While it’s fine to offer one’s sincere hopes and wishes that certain individuals gain entrance to Heaven, for those of us who believe, and that the Lord has mercy on their souls, it should be understood that simply being steadfast in one’s beliefs or consistent in one’s actions on Earth, don’t necessarily guarantee entrance…particularly if those actions and beliefs run counter to the Commandments and teachings of Our Lord.

It’s certainly a sign of grace to pray for the soul of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the souls of anyone in hopes that they receive a fair hearing before their Judge in hopes of attaining eternal salvation and paradise… but it’s probably unwise to assume what the Lord may or may not do.

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My guess is that the barrage of attacks and accusations that I’m mansplaining about a woman’s right to kill her own child to advance her career and compete equally with men in the workplace will ensue. This was, after all, Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s way of supporting the regime of abortion on demand.

Just to note – When one is retired and not beholden to toe the Leftist or Woke line so prevalent in corporate America, it does make it easier to speak one’s mind.