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Russian Interference Is a Hoax, Part II


When the DNCLeaks “hack” happened in July of 2016, I took one look at the story and then my I/T gears started working internally. I immediately saw it for what I still believe it is today: An angry Bernie fan working for the DNC who saw what was happening and downloaded every PST (email collection) file on the servers to a USB drive and handed it over to WikiLeaks.

When you are talking about tens of thousands of emails, that is a massive quantity that takes a long time to stream across a network, and the DNC would have had to have some pretty stupid I/T folks not to notice it. Simply copying the files to a USB Drive would be simpler and much quicker, and almost impossible to catch in the act.

Never Too Late


“Shhhh,” my long-time political consultant and frat buddy, Phil A. “Buster” Mignon, said as we paddled our two-man kayak toward the rambling estate on the Eastern Shore of Maryland recently vacated by Russian “diplomats.”

I knew stealth was essential for the mission, but I screamed bloody murder when a killer rabbit suddenly tried to board our kayak, dumping us in the water.

Member Post


Specifically, let’s listen to a KGB agent, no not Putin, Yuri Bezmenov who was KGB journalist for RIA Novosti, PGU KGB informant and later press officer of the Soviet Embassy in New Delhi. Since Russian influence is presently alleged to be in U.S. media, who better to hear from than a KGB agent responsible for […]

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