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Poor Harry, Poor Me


I admit that I am not a close follower of the British royals or anything, but I cannot help but hear about them whenever they make news. That being said, I am open to correction on anything I get wrong since I am not interested enough to do a lot of homework on it.

The latest kerfuffle has been caused by Prince Harry in his memoir, Spare. The term “spare” refers to the ancient practice of making sure the king had at least two male heirs who could become king when the king himself died. Until recently, life was much more uncertain than it is now and children frequently died. So it was prudent for a king to produce more than one possible heir to the throne, hence the term “heir and a spare.” As we are all well aware, Harry is the ‘spare’ and his brother William is the ‘heir.’

It’s media day in our year-end Three Martini Lunch awards and Jim and Greg have plenty to say about how things were covered – if they were covered at all.  Specifically, they look at the stories the mainstream media covered far too much, the ones they conveniently ignored because they didn’t fit their narrative, and they highlight what they saw as the best stories of 2022.

Prince Harry the Timid


I never dreamed I’d post something about this. As much as I love our cousins across the pond, and as much as I appreciate their tenacious clinging to their quaint and fusty old ways, petulant drama surrounding “the royals” strikes me as about the most boring subject imaginable. This will be my only comment on the matter, I’m sure.

The fetching American princess is getting a lot of heat right now, and I want to put in a word in her defense. [Disclaimer: I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her, but I understand she’s quite lovely.]

If Prince Harry can’t keep his wife in line, that’s his problem, not hers. I don’t care how “woke” she is, how much a progressive nutcase, how dissatisfied she may be with the crushing strictures of her high station, what a spoiled and narcissistic airhead brat she may be: if young Harry can’t run his own family, he probably isn’t man enough to represent his country.