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Can Kate Steinle Get Justice in “Jim Crow” San Francisco?

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was arrested for domestic violence, which, through San Francisco cronyism, he pled down to misdemeanor false imprisonment and then got expunged from his record.

We remember the Jim Crow South, where sheriffs’ departments routinely colluded with prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys to slow-walk investigations involving white officers harming blacks. They routinely “softly” prosecuted whites who injured blacks. All-white juries handed out perfunctory acquittals based on “reasonable doubt.” It was the good ‘ol boy network at its finest.

We are in danger of witnessing this trend (Jim Crow, West Coast style) right here in San Francisco. Local politicians are circling the wagons to take the focus off Kate Steinle’s tragic murder, and protect their sanctuary city policies—and one another. Only this isn’t about race. It isn’t about people of color turning the tables on the white power structure. It’s about people in power not wanting to own up to their responsibilities, and closing ranks to protect their own.


San Francisco Sheriff Has Blood on His Hands

Kate Steinle and the Author's daughter, Cody Warren
Kate Steinle and the author’s daughter, Cody Warren

Jim Steinle did all he could, but he couldn’t save his daughter’s life. She was senselessly gunned down on San Francisco’s Pier 14 last week by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and convicted of at least seven felonies.

It was a father’s worst nightmare. Daddies have lots of roles to play, but the one we take most seriously is protecting our children from harm.