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I’m finally convinced of what I’ve long suspected. In addition to being completely incompetent at his job (nice backswing though) our president is stark raving mad. For those of you who haven’t spent the last couple of months vacationing on Mars, you are probably aware that we are at the beginning of what could be […]

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Promoted from the Ricochet Member Feed by Editors Created with Sketch. Political Ebola Czar Working Exactly As Obama Intended (UPDATED)


After weeks of fumbling and false promises, President Obama appointed an Ebola Czar. Selecting a public face for the crisis response was designed to calm the public, quiet critics and, most importantly, redirect complex and awkward questions away from the President and his press secretary.

Instead of choosing an expert qualified in infectious disease, Obama selected Ron Klain, a longtime political fixer. Klain served as a handler for Vice Presidents Biden and Gore, and parceled out billions of stimulus dollars to politically favored interests.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Damage Control: Obama Appoints an Ebola Czar


Things are becoming dire . . . not necessarily for those of us who fear that Ebola may spread to the US, but for Barack Obama and the Democrats. If things were not becoming really, really dire, the President would not have done what he just did — which is to appoint — drum roll, please — an “Ebola czar.”

That this is a-made-for television drama is clear from the most impressive fact about Ron Klain, the new Ebola czar. He knows nothing about medicine or epidemiology — nothing more, that is, than you or I know.