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“They will give that trained virus to rats that have been genetically engineered to have human DNA to see if they can make the rats sick from coronavirus. And when they prove they can make the rats sick, they then try to develop a vaccine to stop the spread of the thing. And it’s called […]

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In the Time of Trump, the Democrats’ Crucible: RFK or Bill Ayers?


In our two-party dominated system, politics shift; sometimes subtly, sometimes seismically. What either side believes today, the other side may espouse tomorrow. The Republican Party once supported tariffs and isolationism; the Democrats once supported free trade and internationalism. Driven by changing attitudes amongst the electorate that were expressed through the God-given, constitutionally recognized rights to freely speak, assemble, and petition government for the redress of grievances, over time the parties either discarded or adopted these and other issues in their respective pursuits of a governing coalition.

What never shifted was both parties’ shared America’s political paradigm, namely that ours is an exceptional nation where constructive change was best – and solely – advanced through peaceable means.

This hard-earned lesson, ingrained during the fiery crucible of civil war, nonetheless has been tested at times in the 20th Century: turn-of-the-century Anarchism; the 1930s fascist and communist movements, which claimed to be politically transcendent to a failed old order that wrought the Great Depression; and the 1960s left- and right-wing radicalism. All these fevered, fringe movements refused — indeed, in many instances espoused — violence, including assassinations, bombings, rioting, burning, and looting. These right and left radical movements also shared a contempt for America’s free republic, which was decried as antiquated and/or oppressive and imperialist.

Progressive Discomfort With Change Extends To Climate


There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed.Agreed. Let’s talk, then, about the climate and progressives’ patented discomfort with its obstinate refusal to stop changing. Kennedy spoke the above words decades before it became fashionable to believe that the Earth was in the contortions of artificial and catastrophic warming. Also yet to arrive was the nearly as fashionable (and much less profitable) conventional wisdom that preceded it: that the planet was going through artificial and catastrophic cooling. 

Like Robert Kennedy, today’s progressives are infatuated with generic “change,” but their policies suggest a deep suspicion of it. In regard to climate, Al Gore, the UN, Prince Charles, NASA, President Obama, and the Pentagon reflexively and repeatedly “invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed.”

This is also true of scientifically-disinterested Republicans who concede the conclusions of orthodox climate studies so fast it makes your thermometer spin. (I use the term “climate studies” instead of “climate science,” as science requires that failed hypotheses be rejected).