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The Other Ox Was Gored This Time


I don’t know why the elites of DC have their dresses over their heads about the violence in the capital yesterday.  For months we’ve been seeing rioting, looting, vandalism, and violence in our cities, and the news media has downplayed it, characterized it as “mostly peaceful”, and acted as if the right to free speech extended to the right to riot and break the law to address political grievances.  Clearly they’ve been communicating the message that violence is an acceptable means of protest.  So why are they surprised by this?

Of course, it all just depends on whose ox is being gored. 

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky and Western Correspondent Tristan Justice discuss how the mob that rushed and eventually breached the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon will affect the state of our nation moving forward.

Could Democrats Be Lying to Pollsters, Too?


Much has been said about whether polls are reliable or not. Some people believe that voters are lying to pollsters because they don’t want to admit to anyone—not even a pollster—that they plan to vote for Trump. Whether that is true or not is impossible to determine, but the uncertainty dampens one’s enthusiasm for poll results.

Even if you don’t believe in polls, however, it must be a bit disconcerting even for the most ardent Trump supporter to see how Biden seems to be far ahead. But what if the Democrats are lying to pollsters, too?

Kay Hymowitz joins Brian Anderson to discuss how our social instincts, and especially our social networks, affect our behavior and choices, in areas as wide-ranging as divorce, obesity—and even rioting.

Humans are social animals, as the saying goes. Our social nature, Hymowitz writes in her new story, “The Human Network,” makes nearly everything contagious, from viruses to behaviors. For example, new research suggests that people can, in effect, “catch” divorce from their friends or extended family. But while network science can be a useful tool for understanding human action, it cannot explain why some are more susceptible to social pressure than others.

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So advises our local precinct’s constabulary. This is the home of Ted Cruz and Dan Crenshaw. Ironically, it is in areas where civilians are most prepared to defend themselves that responsible police leadership spares them that dilemma.  Still, even safer areas are on high alert because of the rioting and the Left’s hatemongering. Reporting suspicious […]

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