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This week, we’re introducing a new feature to Martini Shot: The Martini Shot Extended Universe! OK, we’re not doing that — at least not yet. Instead, on occasion Rob will be talking to people in the entertainment business who he usually only talks about. Executives, other writers, journalists, maybe even actors.

In today’s  conversation, Rob sits down with Richard Rushfield, the impresario behind The Ankler newsletter, which regularly beats the Hollywood trades at their own game (and yes, you should subscribe). They discuss the recent purchases of Warners and MGM and what that portends for audiences, and why —according to Rob— the obsession many cable and phone companies have with owning studios is nonsense.

ACF Middlebrow #14: Richard Rushfield


My favorite newshound in Hollywood joins me on the podcast — Richard Rushfield, author of The Ankler newsletter. You will have heard him on the Ricochet podcast a while back and this is your chance to get his views on the conflicts now changing the most splendid and sordid of American industries. We talk Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and the other studios, most of which may not be long for this world. We talk tech disruption and the recovery of memory through the vast number of characters Disney owns — in fact, Disney seems to have copyrighted our memories and fantasies! We talk digital future and business models now. Listen to our conversation, share it, and comment, folks!