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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast (number 181!!!!) it’s the Supreme Court Rules edition of the show with your Lunch-loving hosts radio guy Todd Feinburg and California dreamin AI guy Mike Stopa. This week, we have an enormously important show with an enormously significant week in American (and dare we say it Trump) history. We will discuss the historic ruling of the Supreme court in the case of Janus vs. AFSCME and the body slam that those august judges have given to public sector unions. Then, we will talk about the fracturing of the Democrat Party, OMG. As Stephen Miller said, the liberals are the most outraged that they’ve been…since yesterday. And with impeachment in the air (I *told* everyone about this in March!!!) and the Democrat adults realizing (because I told them so) just what a trap it all was, and with Maxine Waters now taking her rightful place as one of the leading lights of the left, well, are the Dems going to split in two? We will see.

We will have our shower thoughts, yes! And our hidden gem this week (a propos of the newfound liberty of public sector workers everywhere to belong or not belong to the union) is I’m Free, by the Who! Enjoy!

If I Can Be “Semi-Spontaneous,” Does That Mean I Can Be “Partially Pregnant?”


Yesterday, as I was engaged in some family business, driving up and down Interstate 70, one of the ugliest, and one of my least favorite, pieces of road in Western Pennsylvania, I heard an odd report on the news. Figuring that perhaps I was hallucinating, I actually made a point of listening at the top of the next hour, just so I could hear it again. The following is a paraphrase, but fairly closely resembles the actual report:

“Pittsburgh police have announced that they are gearing up for possible riots should President Donald Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller. The police have received a email report that there is a widespread belief that Trump may fire Mueller, and that if that occurs, extensive protests are being planned in the city. The protests are being described as semi-spontaneous and would likely happen on short notice (emphasis added).”

Three cheers (I guess) for the Pittsburgh Police for their sincere desire to keep their fellow citizens safe. (I’ve had a number of dealings with the Pittsburgh Police over the years, and they are fine people.) But I can’t help wondering if it’s typical for law enforcement to respond so directly, so publicly, and so forcefully to an anonymous “tip” detailing simply that there is a “widespread belief” that something may happen, and that if it does, all sorts of semi-spontaneous hell is going to break loose (if you want to know what I mean, just Google “Pittsburgh police Trump fire Mueller” to see the dozens and dozens of hysterical national news stories about this).