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Deep State Normal: FDA edition


distillery hand sanitizerThe FDA appeared to be forced off of its normal politics position. This banal evil institution sought to act on behalf of big corporations and the global elite uniparty in Washington DC by crippling small businesses, driving them out of competition with the big corporations. The pretense was a fee to be assessed for “over-the-counter (OTC) monograph drug” alcohol production. The alcohol was not turned into profitable booze by small distilleries. It was turned into supposedly life-saving hand sanitizer, which has almost no profit margin, if any. The fee was published and then suspended, for 2020, a day or two later. This was no mistake. Rather, it was the administrative state reasserting itself and then temporarily feigning magnanimity.

The salaried bureaucratic denizens on the surface of the Swamp, highly paid by American taxpayers at the point of federal government guns, at best did not consider the enormous human cost. After all, these forgotten Americans, from entry-level worker hauling sacks of grain, to entrepreneur owners operating with the thinnest net of credit and personal assets, are the deplorable creatures who must be broken to make a new omelet in the Great (Socialist) Reset. Crushing small businesses and their employees is entirely beneficial to normal Capital Hill politics and the RepubliCan’t Party’s paymasters.

This is why the globalist left’s Democratic Party fought for and got what it wanted in the latest federal appropriations monstrosities, while the con men and women of the RepubliCan’t party ensured that repeal of Section 230 was kept out of the must-pass bills. The rogues’ gallery, from the “Freedom Caucus” to Ted Cruz, all are on board with allowing Mitch and the California loser party leader to remain in their “leadership” positions while the enemies of our constitutional republic, Alphabet (Google/YouTube), Facebook, and Twitter, are kept in power to ensure the wrong kind of Republican is never again able to win the presidency or the Senate majority.

‘Tis the Season for Evictions [Updated]


justice and COVID-19Mitch and the Gang, along with the leader* of the House Republican’ts, happily played Grinch to all but their paymasters in the corporate elites. They continued to willfully extend the pain and harm to all the Americans they not so secretly hate for electing President Trump twice. The forgotten Americans must be shoved back down the memory hole if the GOPe is to rise again to its lucrative faux leadership role. So, the uncounted Americans facing eviction from home or loss of a small business got only a Life Saver pealed off from a Life Savers® roll into their stocking.

The federal moratorium on home evictions was only extended to the end of January 2021. It was to be left to the 2021 Democrat-controlled new House and Senate to leverage the government-created personal and business debt crisis into a leftist bloodless revolution. Thankfully, President Trump has effectively vetoed this insult to non-elite Americans. He should do more than demand $2,000 per person; he should answer more of the pork-barrel with a non-partisan populist demand for government to assume some of the private debt imposed by government edict.

Blame Legislators, not Supreme Court Justices


Ballot boxDon’t blame the Supreme Court for the cowardice or complicity of the fools and knaves who populate far too many of our legislatures. From the federal to the local level, legislatures have been cowering behind the other two branches of government, notably since the end of the “15 days to slow the spread” of a new strain of respiratory virus. Long before then, Republicans at the federal, state, and county legislative levels have largely failed to positively assert the virtue of protecting real voters against the real disenfranchisement of ballot-box stuffing, in all its forms. They have, with exceptions like Ohio and Florida, to name two of a few good examples, failed to zealously protect the franchise at the core of our republic’s continuing viability. So, it is state-level Republican’ts, abetted by the United States congressional delegations of Republican’t fools and knaves, who have created the mess that courts are now being asked to clean up, without the proper political backing.

John Fund and Hugh Hewitt, neither one a conspiracy theorist or fringe media person, both wrote serious books on the entirely real problem of voter fraud in our nation. They both published their books on this topic in 2004, shocked into action by the 2000 presidential election debacle. John Fund wrote Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy. Hugh Hewitt wrote If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It. That same year, historian Tracy Campbell published Deliver the Vote: A History of Election Fraud, an American Political Tradition-1742-2004 (on loan at archive.org). Fund followed up in 2012 with a co-authored book going further into the subject: Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk. His warning then:

While Americans frequently demand observers and best practices in the elections of other countries, we are often blind to the need to scrutinize our own elections. We may pay the consequences in 2012 if a close election leads us into pitched partisan battles and court fights that will dwarf the Bush-Gore recount wars.

They are who we thought they were; will we let them win anyway?


Ballot boxAll this noise about Twitter and Facebook is a bit rich. All the usual current conservative suspects are striking all the right poses, making much sound and fury, signifying nothing beyond their next career move. Sorry, but that is the hard truth. They are who we thought they were; will we let them win anyway?* It is left to the little people to act in this election where the great are trapped in their old illusions.

The villainous Lyin’ Ryan and Senate Republican’ts, led by the deeply China compromised Mitch McConnell, knew and understood the clearly communicated threats from Twitter and Facebook following the 2016 election. We need not rehearse these platforms’ open responses to their candidate being defeated, by operation of our constitutional republic, at the moment they thought would be their ultimate triumph, the left’s answer to the neoconservatives’ premature declaration of the end of history a quarter century earlier.

Ted Cruz was elected in 2012 and has maintained a high profile posture as a constitutional conservative since 2013. Beyond reading a very nice story to his daughters and the nation’s children in a televised filibuster, what precisely has he accomplished in the Senate? Josh Hawley was elected in 2018, so has been a Senator and part of a new, larger Republican majority since 2019. What did he and the other self-styled conservatives extract out of Mitch and the boys as a condition of letting Mitch keep his very lucrative position? Not a blessed thing. None of your heroes made any real move, with the leverage of a growing conservative/populist faction, to compel an immediate course change and real investigation of the real corruption, collusion, election interference, and coup attempt. No one moved to actually repeal the special legal status of Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It took the self-destruction this year of that weasel, Senator Richard Burr, to Intel chair, Mitch, and the gang’s boy, to produce even an illusion of a real fight on our corrupt intelligence bureaucracies.

Don’t Know Much About History: Veterans Day Edition


This is page one of the “Intermediate Level U.S. History since 1900” workbook, used to prepare for the citizenship exam. What, if anything, do you think current 8th-12th graders and college students would put down in each block, before peeking or asking Siri or Alexa? If you let either of those spirits into your home, what do they say about these wars?

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