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Join Jim and Greg as they break down the economic, military, and political consequences of the Biden administration’s suspension of Russian oil imports. They also discuss the NFL suspending Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley for gambling but also note how the NFL and other leagues have enthusiastically embraced the recent expansion of sports gaming.  And they weigh in on a new Quinnipiac poll showing that Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to defend their nation from an invasion.

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About twenty years too late, but the Republican Party is finally launching conservative talk-radio network targeted at those whom the Democrats call “LatinXs” The nation’s first Spanish-language conservative network launches Tuesday morning on satellite radio, opening a new front in the political information wars targeting Latinos in the United States and beyond. Preview Open

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Join Jim and Greg as they assess departing Tennessee Democrat Jim Cooper’s warning to his party about its alienation of rural voters. They are amazed that President Biden’s latest deportation and inflation numbers are somehow even worse than expected. And they laugh at Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke’s inability to decide if he wants to take away your guns or not.

Join Jim and Greg as they praise Virginia state senators for voting to strike down school mask mandates in a lopsided vote. They also feign astonishment as high profile Democrats change their tune after failing to pass their radical agenda and the midterm elections get closer. And they analyze Chris Cuomo’s ridiculous demand to keep quiet about information he allegedly has about CNN’s dealings with his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Join Jim and Greg as they analyze a new  meta-study that finds COVID lockdowns were futile in preventing deaths. They exhale in relief as intercepted Russian military communications reveal a hesitancy on the part of some officials to launch a full scale invasion of Ukraine. And they criticize cowardly Republicans for allowing Democrats to gain an advantage in House of Representatives redistricting across the country.


Join Jim and Greg as they cover a new report describing how Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins sought to cover up the truth about the genesis of the Covid-19 virus. They also discuss the retirement of Tennessee Rep. Jim Cooper and what it means for the upcoming midterms. And a new Pew poll shows Americans don’t trust Biden to make progress on any major issues.

Join Jim and Greg as they relish the prospects of Republican wins on masks in Virginia and New York. They criticize the empty promises of collaboration from the European Union as Russia knocks on Ukraine’s door. And they review the shocking numbers of illegals apprehended at the southern border and what it means for the upcoming midterms.

The Seinfeld Republican Party


If you were counting on the Republican Party to retake the House next year (overcoming extreme and unapologetic gerrymandering by Democrats in every Democrat-controlled state and phony “nonpartisan” redistricting commissions stacked with Democrat operatives) and retake the Senate despite competitive seats in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arizona being decided by the same junk-mail ballot processes as 2020) and maybe you were counting on that GOP Congress to turn things around after President Brandon’s first two spectacularly dreadful years… Well, don’t.

Mitch McConnell has told colleagues and donors Senate Republicans won’t release a legislative agenda before next year’s midterms, according to people who’ve attended private meetings with the minority leader.

Libertarian Success in New Hampshire


About 20 years ago, a group of Libertarians realized, quite reasonably, that their numbers were too dispersed to be effective. If they concentrated in a smaller, less-populated state, they had a chance of wielding real political power (instead of being spoilers who helped left-wing Democrats win elections). They chose New Hampshire and began a movement to establish a kind of Libertarian homeland. At first, the establishment ignored them. Then it laughed at them. Then it fought them.  Then they won. (Sort of.)

As of 2021, there are more than 5,000 Free Staters in New Hampshire. Despite their small numbers, they have built a well-funded and organized political apparatus that has elected roughly 45 Republicans to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The libertarians vote as a bloc that, with a slim majority, the party can’t do without. 

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the Fifth U.S. Circuit of Appeals for placing a stay on President Biden’s order mandating vaccinations for everyone at companies employing 100 or more people. They also welcome the latest indictment from the Durham investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion probe and what it may foreshadow about where Durham is focused next. And they fume as 13 House Republicans vote in favor of the bloated $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and save Democrats from even more political dysfunction and embarrassment.

Join Jim and Greg for all good martinis today! First, they celebrate Glenn Youngkin’s win over Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race and other good news for GOP candidates in Virginia. They’re also pleasantly surprised by the very strong showing by Jack Ciattarelli in the New Jersey governor’s race, suggesting Republicans can be competitive just about anywhere next year if they play their cards right. They react to Democrats and liberal media pundits learning nothing from the election results and preparing to double down on the same failed strategies. And they highlight more results from around the country that give conservatives reason to smile.


Are You a Target?…or Maybe Just Collateral Damage?


There are multiple categories of Americans toward whose interests the Democrats…quite clearly… intend harm.  Are you a member of any of the following  (overlapping) groups of people?

Do you value free speech?…the ability for yourself (and other people) to be able to express your/their views without fear of censorship, mob violence,  job loss, cancellation of financial services, threats of government prosecution?

Republicans: The Virtue of Realism


As I sat down to type my nth comment defending the Republican Party against claims that it is useless, has accomplished nothing, and needs to be abandoned, I decided to write a post about it instead.

If the Republican Party were a monarchy, it could announce its intentions and its loyal subjects would fall in line and march as ordered. As king, the Republican Party could use its fiat power to declare that the things it claims to support and believe in — American exceptionalism, limited government, free markets, a strong military, and the Constitution — were sacrosanct; the Party’s subjects would dutifully vote for the Party and elect its candidates.

“Parental Rights” Is the New “Repeal Obamacare”


The Republican Party has found a new election marketing strategy based on the idea that parents ought to have some say in what their children are taught in taxpayer-funded public schools. The Washington Post (running interference for a Democrat candidate who gaffed on the issue) adamantly insists “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.” Democrats are in the position of claiming it’s completely right and proper to use public schools for social justice and racialist indoctrination, while at the same time calling it a made-up, “phony culture-war” issue that “nobody cares about.” (And then immediately announce the Kamala-Brandon “National Strategy on Gender Equality.“) 

It’s kind of like in 2010 when the Republicans latched onto the unpopularity of Obamacare as their silver bullet to take back the House. They managed to take back the House, but they never actually followed through on the “Repeal and Replace” thing. So, it’s doubtful “parental rights” are anything more than another marketing gimmick.  

Glad Someone Finally Said It


Blastfax kudos to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) for coming out and saying what everybody knows is true but nobody wants to admit.

We are living with exactly what Democrats want.
They want higher gas prices.
They want open borders.
They want massive spending.
They want to make people dependent on government.

Yes, this is what Democrats want. All of it. And they also want the Government to monitor your bank account, the Government to tax you for every mile you drive, the Government to indoctrinate your children that white people are responsible for every injustice in the world, and the Government to label you a domestic terrorist if you speak up against any of it. (OK, to be fair, an awful lot of Republicans want open borders and massive spending, too.) They would also be perfectly happy to keep Covid restrictions in place forever, and, to those who are complaining about the scarcity and high cost of consumer goods, the Democrats and the Washington Post, have a simple message: “Stop complaining and lower your expectations, you peasants.”

If We Can Keep It


About 235 years ago a deal was struck in Philadelphia. It was a compromise, an attempt to balance the sometimes conflicting interests of a sprawling new world.

Upon the conclusion of negotiations, Benjamin Franklin said of America’s not-yet-ratified Constitution:

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a Quinnipiac poll showing Republicans actually leading Democrats on the 2022 generic ballot. They also stunned in disbelief as Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx refuses to press any charges in a fatal gang shootout because the deadly violence involved “mutual combatants” who willingly took part. And they shake their heads as there is considerable disagreement among government officials over whether booster shots are a needed for most people who have been vaccinated.

Join Jim and Greg as they credit Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for tapping the brakes on the effort of Senate Dems to ram through $3.5 trillion in lefty spending priorities without any GOP votes. They also shake their heads as American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten says she will try to get schools open in the fall while adding the new CDC mask guidelines still make her concerned about teacher safety in the classroom. And they throw up their hands as a lot of Senate Republicans vote to advance an infrastructure bill that spends less than a tenth of the price tag on roads and bridges.

The Republican Party’s Problem


The Liz Cheney brouhaha brought to sharp relief the problems the Republican Party faces with regard to Trump and Trump-supporters.  Liz and her crowd firmly believe that the way to deal with Trump is to rebuke and circumscribe him for his attempt to steal a second term through a campaign of lies about the election.

The problem with this is this:  There are big chunk of the Republican electorate that doesn’t trust the elite mainstream Republicans that Cheney typifies. This chunk includes not only populist white working-class people but also the black and brown people who defected to Trump. They trust Trump.