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Loose Lips Sink Ships (of State)


The dotard’s discourse has deadly consequences at home and abroad. pResident Biden has already caused thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of violent deaths in Ukraine, for starters. And the butcher’s bill will likely tally much higher over the next two years, and more if the self-serving RepubliCAN’T cohort, led by Mendacious McConnell and Misleading McCarthy, get their way. McConnell and McCarthy are salivating, to put it politely, over the pain abroad and at home. They are already measuring their imagined new offices for drapes and carpet, while rolling in donors’ dough. If we allow them to win, if we do not use the primary process to crush them, we will pay — from the pump, to the grocery store, to our liberty and our future prospects in the world.

No president in the entire history of confrontation between the nuclear superpowers, the Russian empire and the American republic, has ever spoken deliberately on microphone, let alone on camera, as has pResident Biden. Here are his words, from the official White House transcripts.

State of the Union 2022:

Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma Primary Update: Trump Wins


First Primary Election Results | Blog for ArizonaPresident Trump, and the Republican Party, had another good primary election day on Tuesday, August 28. He selectively weighed in with endorsement tweets the day before the official voting day, an act that still matters in states that have not made the terrible decision to go all mail-in ballot. What follows are observations made Monday, followed by comments on the results.


President Trump weighed in, and did not weigh in, on the Arizona primary elections. He urged support for Governor Ducey. He also kept silent on the Senate race, not picking sides between Martha McSally and Kelly Ward. I expect he will send a congratulatory tweet no matter which woman wins, and will also be complimentary of the loser, urging unity in the general election.

Jim and Greg are both on vacation this week.  They will be back June 25th.  There will new episodes with guest hosts Thursday and Friday of this week.  Today, please enjoy an encore presentation of the Three Martini Lunch.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are in very good spirits as they savor three wonderful martinis for conservatives.  First, they celebrate the news that three American hostages are on their way home from North Korea in advance of the upcoming Trump-Kim summit.  They also applaud President Trump for withdrawing the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, which was riddled with inspection loopholes and was never properly submitted to Congress.  And they cheer the victory of conservative Patrick Morrisey in the West Virginia U.S. Senate primary, the lopsided defeat for “Cocaine Mitch” accuser Don Blankenship, and strong turnout for Republicans in three primary states.

It Ain’t Over Yet


shutterstock_320167721Yesterday, Todd Zwycki in Pravda-on-the Potomac and PJ here on Ricochet noticed something that we should all attend to. The primaries that Donald Trump has won are almost all open primaries, and Ted Cruz has won three of the four primaries and caucuses held thus far that were restricted to registered Republicans.

That, as Zwycki points out, may be a sign of things to come. On Saturday, there are contests in four states: Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maine. In all four states, only Republicans can vote. It is obvious that Donald Trump is getting a lot of Republican votes. It is not clear that a plurality of Republican voters opted for him in places such as South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, and Arkansas. Nearly everywhere, there has been a huge increase in the turnout for the Republican primaries and caucuses. Nearly everywhere, there has also been a huge drop in the turnout for the Democratic primaries and caucuses. The evidence suggests that there has been a large cross-over vote and that, in many places, it is that cross-over vote that has put Trump over the top.

Mischief-making may have something to do with what is going on. But I suspect that most of the Democrats who have turned out for the Republican contests are disaffected and find The Donald attractive. And why shouldn’t they? He is not a Republican. He is not a conservative, and he sounds the patriotic and nativist themes that Democrats used to sound. To date, the state in which Trump has done the best is Massachusetts, where he received 49% of the vote in the primary. He did not do particular well in Oklahoma, my native state, which is among the most conservative states in the country.