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According to this article, old “Turd Blossom” was well aware of the barrage of chemical weapons that were discovered in Iraq. The article points out that the hot head Rick Santorum had been receiving photos and letters from soldiers verifying their existence. He brought this up to Rove and was instructed to leave it alone. […]

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What’s The Republican Vision?


375px-Jeffrey_Tucker_Freedomfest_2013I am currently teaching an entrepreneurship class to middle school-aged women. One thing that I keep bumping up against is the difference between the concepts of vision and planning.

All the girls are bright, ambitious, and they are all about “doing,” and they all have plans. I keep trying to tell them that plans will work and fail — but without a vision — there is little motivation to go on. On their own, plans can only take you so far; the equivalent of 100 miles or so. Coupled with vision, however, and they can take you across the galaxy. That’s why elevator pitches to raise money, hire people, or make sales are more matters of vision than planning.

I’ve asked a few times here on Ricochet what the Republican vision is.

Rand Paul: Republicans Have An Attitude Problem


As has been pointed out innumerable times, the Republican Party has a hard time attracting non-white voters. And — as has been pointed out an equally uncountable number of times — this is likely to become a bigger problem as non-whites become an increasingly large percentage of the electorate. In a recent forum, Senator Rand Paul said this is less a matter of our policies being rejected than of the attitude we’re (perceived) to project:

Must a Conservative Always be a Loyal Republican?


shutterstock_117192478Here in America, we’ve two major parties that compete to control Congress and elect Presidents. Does that mean conservatives will sometimes be forced to vote for unacceptable Republican candidates because the alternatives are worse?

Not necessarily so. In a few states in the last few elections conservatives have voting for conservative third-parties. In 2010, more Coloradans voted for the Constitution Party candidate than for the Republican. That same year, Sen. Lisa Murkowski won re-election as an Independent over the Republican nominee.

Do we conservatives owe loyalty to the Republican Party, or is it just a matter of pragmatism? I say we stick with the party when we have to, bolt when the opportunity exceeds the risk.

A Tale of Two Texans


An operative slogan in the Reagan White House was “personnel is policy.” Thus it’s worthwhile to note two very different sets of personnel decisions last week by two very similar Republican 2016 presidential candidates.

First, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry has been burnishing his image since his disastrous 2012 run, developing some foreign policy chops, wooing the conservative grassroots, and spending time with some domestic policy wonks too. He’s been building a reputation as an effective executive and touting his role in Texas’s economic outperformance. Breitbart collects reports that Governor Perry has made some new hires (emphasis added):

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Connecticut’s primary election is Tuesday. We’re down to two contenders for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. Even at this late stage, I am not sure whom to vote for. The front-runner is Tom Foley, who lost to Governor Dan Malloy in 2010. Foley, after a successful career in the private sector, entered government service in the […]

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