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Biden’s First Electoral Test: November’s Gubernatorial Election in Virginia


I have a curse (“several, actually” – spouse). Having spent a great deal of my career in political campaigns – some 35 US Senate and House campaigns in 25 states over 3 decades, plus supporting dozens more, I have a political lens that I instinctively apply to major events. How is this going to affect an upcoming election?

Even President Biden’s most ardent cheerleaders in the media are rediscovering their petrified journalistic roots and are criticizing not only a decision for US troops to leave Afghanistan – Donald Trump already put those gears in motion – but the horrifically incompetent and ham-handed manner in which Joe Biden followed through.

There’s plenty written and broadcast elsewhere about just how bad Biden personally screwed things up. In quick summary, he withdrew contractors who made the Afghan military’s planes fly. He refused to provide intel, reconnaissance, logistical, and other support as Trump had promised. He did so during the height of “fighting season” (weather matters) in Afghanistan while sending signals that we were hightailing it out of the country. He ignored or rejected expert advice from the intelligence community and his generals.

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D. J. Spiker at Bearing Drift commits what may be the single best act of local political journalism in the history of the world. Follow the money has an important corrolary, follow the consultants. Since I started doing the TEA Party thing, one theme persisted when discussing political consultants with Henrico County, Virginia residents. They […]

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