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Ep. 254 – Senator Marsha Blackburn, fresh from the #RNC2020, discusses Media Lies and will there be Durham Bombshells as a certain Democrat Senator is now proven to have leaked the FISA Application to the media (which started the whole Mueller investigation) & Senator Blackburns latest book The Mind of a Conservative Woman: Seeking the Best for Family and Country. Then @23:36 Writer, Producer and Comedian Michael Loftus from The Loftus Party discusses the Death of New York City, #RepublicansForBiden, and what would happen if Biden cancels the scheduled Debates.

The Republican National Convention is over, Trump made his case for a second term and the country is in the middle of shootings, riots, lootings and not to mention, a pandemic.

Did Trump make the case for a second term? And how does the violence playing out across the country factor into the campaign and who does it hurt more? Biden? Trump?

RNC Night 4 Wrap-up


The last night of the Republican National Convention blew the past three days out of the water. The party unleashed a barrage of powerful moments, from heartbreaking to inspirational. Team Trump threw so much into it; by the end, I think I saw a kitchen sink tumbling across the White House lawn.

I’ll stick to the highlights or this post will be 5,000 words long. As with the rest of the convention, the RNC pushed hard for the African-American vote. White House advisor Ja’Ron Smith vouched for Trump’s character and the need for hard work. Alice Johnson, whose life sentence was commuted by the President, praised his groundbreaking support for criminal justice reform.

For being the most racisty racists in the history of racism, I’ve never seen a more diverse array of speakers at an RNC. It’s not even close.

RNC Night 3 Wrap-up


The third night of the Republican National Convention was a more subdued affair, focusing on faith, the military, and women. Wednesday’s speakers weren’t as dynamic as Monday’s and Tuesday’s, but the strong message remained.

Gov. Kristi Noem opened the proceedings, sharing her success leading South Dakota. Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas brought the big guns, literally, delivering his speech from the Battleship Texas in Houston.

Other headliners included Second Lady Karen Pence, Kellyanne Conway, and Lara Trump. Like most of the evening, their speeches were to the point and serviceable. But once again, the so-called “everyday Americans” stole the show.

RNC Night 2 Wrap-up


The Very Online Left is livid over Night Two of the Republican National Convention. Why? Trump pardoned a reformed ex-con and swore in several new immigrants. This is the pickle Democrats and the Media have gotten themselves into. Yet again.

The unhinged rage at everything this president does might earn them back-pats in their gated communities, but makes them look, well, unhinged to everyone else. The more they scream about a presidential pardon, average voters think ‘oh, that was cool to pardon a guy.’ By condemning a naturalization ceremony, they think, ‘I wish I would have seen that. Guess I should tune-in for Night Three.’

The left remains unable to pick their battles but treats every Trump utterance with sputtering denunciations and comparisons to Hitler. Trump rings a bell, the baying left drools. (At this point, if the President said Pavlov’s dog was cute, the media would claim puppy breath was a Kremlin-funded bioweapon.)

RNC Night 1 Wrap-up


The first night of the Republican National Convention wrapped up and, despite its virtual nature, the party has to be happy with the result. Where last week’s Democratic convention felt like a glorified Zoom chat, the RNC created a seamless presentation. The vast majority of speakers — politicians and everyday Americans — spoke in front of the same background, interspersed with video packages touting President Trump’s record. The tone was sober, patriotic, and positive — a cohesion sorely missing from last week’s confab.

Kim Klacik, a Maryland Republican running to represent a deep-blue, mostly African-American district hit the highpoints from her viral campaign ad. Vernon Jones, a Democratic state representative from Georgia, hit similar themes asking Black Americans to support a president who has delivered for his community.

School choice was another common topic, most ably presented by Rebecca Friedrichs, a California teacher who took on her powerful union and won. Several other speakers stressed the importance of the issue.

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August 23, 2020Trump Campaign Announces Speakers For This Week’S Historic Republican National Convention Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. announced the list of speakers for this week’s historic Republican National Convention. Over four nights, President Trump’s 2020 Convention will honor the great American story, the American people that have written it, and how President Donald J. […]

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One False Move and You’re Dead


straightjacketThe admonitions of a parent rearing a child are many: “stop sucking your thumb,” “sit still,” “sit up straight,” “don’t talk with your mouth full,” “chew your food,” “cover your cough,” “wipe that smirk off your face,” “don’t talk back,” “use your indoor voice,” “children are to be seen and not heard.” Note that all of these parental directions address physical behaviors – a child must be taught how to behave acceptably in public. This is a proper and expected role of a parent in regard to their own children. Sometimes however, that training and discipline are turned toward those outside the parents’ concern. It is then that training becomes self-righteous scolding. And sometimes, training and discipline are turned vindictive. It is then that discipline becomes abuse. And when scolding and abuse are consistently meted out to adults by a class of self-assumed parental betters, then this is called tyranny.

On Wednesday night, radio talk show host Laura Ingraham addressed the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. In her speech, she called out the establishment media to finally drop their bias, step up, and “do your job.” And that media responded. They took a still photo of Ingraham waving good-bye to the convention crowd and rhetorically asked if Ingraham was making a NAZI salute.

When her closing is viewed in full, one can see that, once Ingraham begins to wave, her facial expression quickly changes to one of dread – dread that her wave will be used to malign her. Indeed, yesterday, Rush Limbaugh related a story on how the exact same trick was once pulled to malign him. In the grip of that dread, Ingraham froze, bent her elbow, and began to wave like Queen Elizabeth. Our self-assumed parental betters, you see, have a strict code on how we red headed stepchildren are supposed to behave. Now, not only must every utterance be cross-referenced with the daily updates to the PC/SJW NewSpeak Lexicon, but every movement and physical bearing must be scrutinized as well – and if we don’t do it ourselves, rest assured that our self-assumed parental betters will.

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It’s no secret that I have been very upset and discouraged by the way this year’s presidential contest has played out.  For the last couple of months, I’ve certainly continued to have plenty of thoughts and opinions on the matter that I really wanted to express, but, for whatever reasons, this just didn’t happen for […]

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Exhibit A:  Marco Rubio Since leaving the presidential race, Marco Rubio has basically been out of the national limelight.  He’s been busy working on a number of issues in the Senate and hasn’t said too much about the ongoing primary process.  Recently, though, Rubio has done a few interviews in which he was asked some […]

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