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Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy watching new Republican ads tying incumbent Senate Democrats to Hillary Clinton’s trashing of Trump voters.  They also respond to former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who says individual gun rights should have vanished at the same time as state militias and that the second amendment ought to be repealed.  And they get a kick out of the New York Times breathlessly revealing that state laws designed to limit abortion are all part of an effort by pro-life activists to reverse Roe v. Wade.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America actually welcome the increasing chatter from the left and from the op-ed pages for Democrats to embrace full repeal of the Second Amendment as a way of drawing clear lines in the gun debate.  They also wince as three top Trump cabinet officials reportedly agree to a so-called “suicide pact,” meaning all three will leave office if President Trump fires one of them.  And they slam Michelle Obama for another round of horrible statements, this time claiming people don’t trust politics because Republicans are supposedly all men and all white.

Nursing in America and the Right to Healthcare


Since the debate is ongoing about healthcare, let’s think about what this is really going to affect: healthcare workers. I’m looking, specifically, at the nurses. Yes, doctors, we know that you are also over-worked, but with 10-15 minutes a patient, you can see more patients than nurses can. Given how much hands-on inpatient and outpatient care we provide, the stretch in healthcare is going to be felt most acutely by the nurses who will have to do more with less (always doing more with less).

If we are not going back to outright slavery, then we have to acknowledge that there are limits to service.  We cannot make people work in healthcare.  As things get worse, fewer and fewer people will choose this career. Why? It isn’t just the money. It’s about safety.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to Elizabeth Warren criticizing former Pres. Obama for leaving millions of Americans feeling like they’ve been “kicked in the teeth” in the current economy.  They also groan at reports that up to 50 House Republicans really don’t want to repeal Obamacare and many of those are even wobbly on giving states more flexibility.  And they discuss the ouster of Jim DeMint at the Heritage Foundation and address speculation that Steve Bannon might replace him.

Eliminate the Filibuster for Repeal of Legislation


It seems fairly obvious to me that the next time Democrats get into power they are more likely than not going to eliminate the filibuster completely. After all, their base will demand that the illegitimate Trump administration is negated completely, and there will be no action that is outside the realm of legitimacy.

My proposal would probably only last until the Democrats regain power, so in that respect the rational is more aspirational than practical, but here is the logic. It seems to me that if one is really for limited government, it should be much easier to get rid of legislation than it is to create it. This could have been done Constitutionally by creating something like a Congress of Repeal, who’s elected members only power is to repeal legislation, so instead of being a bunch of Lawmakers who feel their job is to make new laws (and thereby erode our liberties), these would be Laweliminators.

But another way to have a similar effect would be to make it far easier to repeal laws than it is to make laws inside the structure we currently have. Which is why I believe it is in the interest of Republicans and consistent with their philosophy to eliminate the filibuster in cases of repealing law. Think of it as an extension of Reconciliation, which I believe must be scored as reducing the deficit in order to be used. Something that only reduces the laws on the books could bypass the filibuster as well, but it would be allowed any number of times.

Greg Corombos of Radio America and David French of National Review applaud Pres. Trump for planning to modernize and upgrade America’s nuclear arsenal.  They also discuss the complexities of repealing Obamacare as former House Speaker John Boehner says it will never happen.  And they react to CNN’s Chris Cuomo accusing dads who don’t want their 12-year-old daughter to share locker rooms with biological males of being “overprotective and intolerant.”

Member Post


What parts of Republican healthcare reform can be implemented independently of others? What can be done immediately and without a comprehensive bill?  For example: Is there any reason Republicans cannot enable selling of insurance across state lines without reference to any other change?  Preview Open

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The Deceitful Numbers – Great and Small – of the ACA


If you’re like me, and I know I am, you waste a lot of time at the office reading Ricochet and looking at your friends’ posts on Facebook. Wait, no boss, I’m not online at work at all. I’m reading Ricochet and Facebook at home! I made a joke about America’s unhealthy love of the internet! (Is he gone? Okay …)

For several days, at least since the new Congress began the repeal process for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), my liberal and Progressive friends on Facebook have been engaged in full bore linear conniption fits over the vote. It’s hard to sort through these because they are frequently nested within full bore linear conniption fits over cabinet member hearings in Congress, and so on.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for January 10, 2017, it’s the Hollywood Hell edition of the podcast – number 101 – brought to you by ZipRecruiter and Simplisafe.

It’s hard to get past Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe slam of Donald Trump. That is one hurtin’ woman. Put Hollywood together with academia, Wall Street and Silicon Valley (just check this out!), shake, and try to strain out a single Trump supporter. Good luck!  Mike posits that Hollywood celebrities and university physicists have some salient points in common.

We Don’t Have to Repeal Obamacare to Eliminate It — Mike H


The American people are not going to be receptive to repeal of Obamacare because it sounds radical at this point. But that’s OK, because we don’t have to sell repeal in order to get elected and we don’t have to pass repeal in order to trivialize Obamacare.

We simply need to pass very reasonable sounding “fixes” that will have the effect of neutering the legislation while not disruptively altering the status quo.