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Scott Atlas joined Ben Domenech to discuss the data surrounding schools reopening and the dangers of not following the science. Atlas is a fellow in scientific philosophy and public policy at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, a member of Hoover’s Working Group on Health Care Policy, and the former head of neuroradiology at Stanford Medical School.

Atlas laid out multiple points of scientific evidence indicating the necessity of reopening schools. This included the documented facts that children are young people are at low risk of developing COVID-19 themselves and they’re at low risk of spreading it to others. Furthermore, he said, school closures are extremely harmful to children’s health in different ways, especially in that distance learning has proven to be a failure.

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I live in Florida. We are in Phase One. Phase One has a soft phase and hard phase. Phase One saw beaches open, with restrictions, 25% capacity for restaurants and others. Phase One with acceleration on the pedal, ok’d salons and barbers, gyms with restrictions and restaurants and retail at 50% with restrictions which starts […]

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Another Perspective on the Shutdown


Suppose we think of it this way.

The greatest problem America faces right now is that people are being deprived of their liberty: of their freedom to assemble, to go about their business, to earn and spend money, and to live as they choose. This is a problem regardless of the impact it has on the economy or on any particular individual. While pragmatic arguments about the public health consequences of economic dislocation are worthwhile, they are unnecessary: the primacy of our liberties in any but the most extraordinary and imminent crisis is absolute.