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Join Jim and Greg as they hope the American right’s support for the Canadian Freedom Convoy will refocus the GOP on championing freedom in this year’s midterms and far beyond. They also shudder as Americans in major cities are seeing 30-40 percent increases in rent but also explain how short-sighted government policies are a major contributing factor. And they discuss the ratings bust of the Beijing Winter Olympics and how Russia and the International Olympic Committee have disgraced the games to a dangerous level.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the bravery of people in Hong Kong publicly booing the Chinese national anthem, which can now land you in big trouble under Chinese control. They also turn a scrutinizing eye on the latest leaks from the CDC that supposedly suggest the Delta variant is much worse than previously thought. And they’re not exactly surprised that the federal government – and government at other levels – has botched a program designed to provide rent relief.

Hubwonk host Joe Selvaggi talks with MassLandlords’ Doug Quattrochi about ways landlords faced the challenges of being caught between tenants unable to pay rent during COVID-19 shutdown and having little or no programmatic relief from state and federal agencies.