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Chad Benson is in for Jim Geraghty. Today, Chad and Greg discuss the political insanity playing out in Portland, as the media and the mayor paint the violent mob as the victims now that federal forces are there to protect government property. However, Chad wonders whether Portland should be left to suffer the results of its own radicalism. They also dig into the congressional fight over unemployment benefits and wonder if another widespread COVID shutdown is on the way. And they have fun with the news that the “Washington Football Team” will not have a mascot for the 2020 NFL season.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect three different hacks. First, they dig into Russia caught by the U.S. and two other countries trying to hack COVID research. They also discuss the Twitter hack that briefly hijacked high-profile accounts to run a bitcoin scam. And they discuss the political hackery of MSNBC as Chuck Todd claims the cable network has no editorial viewpoint during the daytime. Finally, they foreshadow the allegedly looming bombshell about to hit D.C.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the leftist radicals in Seattle trying to recall Mayor Jenny Durkan for handling of the “autonomous zone” in the city. They also cringe as Anthony Fauci inexplicably praises Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio for their handling of the coronavirus and the Trump administration starts pointing out all the things Fauci got wrong as the pandemic unfolded. And they discuss why the Washington Redskins are really “retiring” their team name now.

Hail to the Rednecks


That’s right. The Washington Rednecks – A perfect change up. I’m a life-long, long-suffering fan, so I figure I’m allowed to weigh.

Just a few of the benefits:

  1. The team would instantly become America’s team and the favorite of every working man south of the Mason Dixon.
  2. It sticks a finger in the eye of the cancel culture legion.
  3. It shows that even a derogatory moniker can under some circumstances be endearing.

Not to mention the marketing bonanza. Touchdown Rednecks!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends. As shoppers rush the malls and flood the internet, join Jim and Greg as they hand out their political gifts for 2019. Jim has carefully selected items for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and the Washington Redskins. Greg finds just the right items for President Trump, the failed 2020 presidential candidates, and the Democrats who are still running but often ignored.

DOJ Was Right to End the Battle Against the Redskins


Great news for football fans, free speech warriors, and 90 percent of Native Americans: Due to a recent Supreme Court ruling, the Trump administration has ended Obama’s silly attack on the Washington Redskins.

The Justice Department sent a letter to a federal appeals court Wednesday afternoon conceding that a Supreme Court decision last week in favor of an Asian-American band calling itself “The Slants” means that the NFL’s Redskins will prevail in the battle over efforts to cancel the team’s trademarks on the grounds that the name is disparaging to Native Americans.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Rich McFadden of Radio America feeling optimistic after a recent poll shows that Republican Karen Handel has a slim lead over Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in the Georgia runoff election. They also praise the Supreme Court which ruled unanimously in favor of protecting trademarks that some parties may consider offensive or disparaging. And they applaud the U.S. military as they down the third pro-Syrian regime aircraft this month, an action which prompted a harsh Russian response.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for June 20, 2017, it’s the Redskins and White Vans edition of the show with your hosts Todd Feinburg and Mike Stopa.

Our topics this week include the breaking news of today’s “terrorist attack” (note the scare quotes) in London at the Finsbury Park mosque. A white dude – quickly identified as such – in a white van ran onto the sidewalk and over some not very white Muslims as they were leaving their Ramadan prayer service. Does this qualify as a terrorist attack? Do ISIS-inspired attacks qualify as terrorist attacks? Mike thinks that they do not! Todd disagrees.

Member Post


Thursday’s news cycle blessed us with a prime illustration of a particularly tasty flavor of media bias: A left-leaning commentator spread misinformation without consequences, while, elsewhere, someone with an opposing view was being pilloried. The topic in question was the Redskins nickname, a subject about which I’ve written at length. As most of you know, a […]

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The Party Of Government


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 3.18.46 PM

Only one thing can be said with confidence about the upcoming midterm elections: that semi-retired lawyers will retain a majority in both houses of Congress.

Disgust with federal incompetence is seeping into our bones and Americans are not taking it in stride.