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Michigan Republican Candidate Gets Red-Flagged


The Republican gubernatorial candidate in Michigan who was arrested by the FBI on misdemeanor charges of petitioning his Government for a redress of grievances attending the January 6th protest has been stripped of his firearms at the order of a federal judge.

Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley, who was arrested by the FBI last week, has been ordered by a federal judge to surrender his firearms.

Are ‘Red Flag’ Laws Effective?


I did some digging into the question of the effectiveness of “red flag” laws in preventing gun deaths.  It appears that the technical term for these “red flag” laws is “extreme risk protection orders” (“ERPO”) laws.

My methodology was simple — I googled the phrase “empirical study red flag laws,” and reviewed the results that appeared promising.

Member Post


I’m seeking the expertise of fellow Ricochet members to help me understand better whether states even need to “invest” in the difficult process of implementing red flag laws as a means to help curb mass shootings.  Here’s my question, followed by some additional context:  Would it not be possible, consistent with the Fourth Amendment, for […]

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Former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy is in for Jim agai today. Andy and Greg break down the four-part Washington Examiner investigation into the Hunter Biden laptop and everything that’s been uncovered thus far. They also discuss the push for red flag laws and the tension between trying to keep truly unstable people away from weapons that they might use to kill others and the desire to protect second amendment rights. And they fume over how Democrats make a lot of noise about the need to address various problems but won’t allow any ideas to be considered outside of their absolutist left-wing agenda.