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Gosnell Red Carpet Premiere (VIDEO)


Our latest episode of Whiskey Politics (video below) joins the stars on the red carpet premiere of the movie Gosnell, The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. The script was written by our good friend @AndrewKlavan and stars Dean Cain and Nick Searcy, who also directs. This movie shouldn’t have happened as Hollywood blacklisted any investment, all distribution channels and social media banned any advertising (such as the trailer below). But with crowdfunding and years of dedication, the movie will be released tomorrow across the country. The movie was very good and compelling. It’s handling sensitive issues in a way that makes the audience think, while not gratuitously showing scenes none of us would want to see. It’s appropriate for kids, although that will be a tough discussion on the ride home. If you enjoy Law and Order, you will sink right into this. 

The Oscars, According to My Husband


Last night was the 2018 Oscars – also known as “The Academy Awards.” I don’t know what happened when I mentioned the Oscars were on tonight, but my husband Scott unleashed a tirade of … well, after a grilled burger and a couple Coronas, he let loose as follows and it ain’t pretty:

Our society is so screwed up! Millions are spent on awards shows. They’re all the same…. Tonight we’ll roll out yet another red carpet, so overpaid actors and actresses in their designer duds and diamonds can strut down and bark their latest opinion to the rest of America. I’d rather watch paint dry somewhere!

Oh, he was just getting started….