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Founding Editor in Chief of the Washington Free Beacon and self-described “Reagan enthusiast” Matthew Continetti discusses Reagan’s relationship with populism, #40’s take on democracy promotion, and the state of Reaganism today.

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Ricochet, and conservatism in general, are excellent sources of pessimism. We don’t have any utopian visions like the Left, and the most effective post often seems to a description of how our country is doomed, doomed, I tell you. The Left has captured the populace and will lead hordes of locust-like antifa zombies to despoil […]

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Conservatism: An Abstract Philosophy or a Mode of Governance?


There is no question that the rise of Donald Trump has created a schism on the right. I’ve certainly had my run-ins with folks here on Ricochet, most notably @garyrobbins and @georgetownsend. While I vehemently disagree with these gentlemen on a lot of things, arguing with them has had its benefits, namely that they have pushed me to constantly refine, redefine and clarify my beliefs.

In a recent lengthy back-and-forth they provided me with this question on the state of things in the post-Reagan era: Is Conservatism just an abstract utopian philosophy, the inverse of theoretical Communism, or is it an actual and practical mode of governing?