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Rand Paul: Republicans Have An Attitude Problem


As has been pointed out innumerable times, the Republican Party has a hard time attracting non-white voters. And — as has been pointed out an equally uncountable number of times — this is likely to become a bigger problem as non-whites become an increasingly large percentage of the electorate. In a recent forum, Senator Rand Paul said this is less a matter of our policies being rejected than of the attitude we’re (perceived) to project:

A Teachable Moment for Rand Paul?


We now have on our hands Barack Obama’s War, for our latest Middle Eastern war belongs entirely to him. And someone — let it be me! — should alert Sen. Rand Paul to this teachable moment, for Obama’s War (which Rand Paul supports) was brought on by the very policy of non-intervention that he, his father, and the Cato Institute all championed. As Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has testified in word and deed, there is essentially no difference on foreign affairs between left-wing Democratics and arch-libertarians who sometimes vote Republican.

This war might have been avoided. Had Obama taken the trouble to arrange for a few thousand American soldiers to remain in Iraq — as he easily could have — the Iraqi’s coalition government between Shia, Sunni, and Kurd would have held, despite Maliki’s perfidy. That, in turn, would have prevented al-Qaeda’s reemergence in the Sunni-dominated provinces of Iraq. Moreover, ISIS would not be in control of great swathes of Syria had the president followed the advice of his advisors and allies and backed the secular-minded opposition to Bashar al-Assad from the start.

That Awkward Moment When Your Father Costs You the Presidency


shutterstock_79457221Ever since the idea of Rand Paul as a serious presidential candidate has emerged, I’ve thought the trajectory of the project inevitable: things start falling apart when the candidate’s father comes in for close scrutiny.

Now, maybe this isn’t fair. If kooky relatives are disqualifying for the presidency, after all, we might as well abolish the office tomorrow. When your dad has held federal office and created a distinct ideological brand of which you’re the direct inheritor, however, you’re going to be perpetually yoked to one another whether you like it or not. My guess is that this moment falls into the “or not” category. From the Washington Free Beacon:

Former Rep. Ron Paul said he believes the U.S. government had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and has kept this information hidden in a classified section of the 9/11 Commission report.

Rand Paul, Fashion Plate


rand-paul-628x434[1]Senator Rand Paul is often cited as a candidate who can cross traditional Republican lines and reach new constituencies: youth, civil-liberties types, African Americans. But I think Senator Paul’s influence has now entered the most unlikely place ever for a Republican politician: the fashion world.

Back during the senator’s 2010 campaign, a picture of Paul circulated the interwebs. It showed the candidate waiting to go on TV. He had come to the studio directly from his son’s soccer game, but it was one of those talking-head appearances, in which he would appear only from the waist up. The picture shows Paul’s improvised look: Suit jacket, dress shirt, tie — and matching plaid shorts.

Well, today we see what the image hath wrought. Various news outlets report on the latest men’s fashion: Short suits.

Random Ruminations


If only Churchill and FDR had hashtagged the Nazis and the imperial Japanese, a world war could have been averted. President Roosevelt could have reassured us that, “We have nothing to fear but a Wi-Fi disruption,” while Prime Minister Churchill, through clinched fist and chewed cigar, could have promised that, “We shall hashtag them on the beaches, we shall hashtag them on the landing grounds, we shall hashtag them in the fields and in the streets, we shall hashtag them in the hills…”

“The kidnapping of hundreds of children by Boko Haram is an unconscionable crime,” declared US Secretary of Capitulation John Kerry last week, adding, “we will do everything possible to support the Nigerian government to return these young women to their homes and to hold the perpetrators to justice.”  

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I noticed recently that since 1980 presidential cycles have seemed to follow a couple of particular patterns: A one-term disappointment (Carter/Bush41) is defeated by a candidate who would go on to become one of the most popular presidents in living memory (Reagan/Clinton.) Said popular president defeats an establishment (in the non-pejorative sense of the word) […]

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Does this make you like him even more? [W]hen [Rand Paul] was at the start of his Senate campaign in May 2009, he appeared on the Antiwar Radio show hosted by Scott Horton, who in 2004 was a foreign policy adviser to the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate. During the interview, Paul repeatedly called the interrogation […]

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Sorry, Officer, I Left the Visa in My Other Pants — Mark Krikorian


As I wrote over at The Corner, Rand Paul made a fool of himself earlier today in a speech on immigration by claiming that the 5 million or so illegal aliens who overstayed visas (as opposed to infiltrating across the border) “somehow lost their documentation.” (Yes, that’s what he really said, and it doesn’t appear to have been an April Fool’s joke.)

As hilarious (or dumbfounding) as that is, my question for Ricochet is about the overall topic of his speech: How the Republican Party and/or the conservative movement can reach out to American voters with roots in Latin America. For all his supposed iconoclasm, Paul’s approach seems to be the same as the rest of the GOP political/donor class: Amnesty, loose enforcement, and ever-higher levels of immigration.

Putin, the Pauls, and the Direction of the GOP’s Foreign Policy — Troy Senik


Over the weekend, Politico ran a feature penned by Elizabeth Wahl, the American journalist whose Crimea-inspired on-air resignation from RT (the Russian television network dedicated to bringing Moscow-approved propaganda to the West) went viral —and, a cynic might note, earned her a measure of notoriety she had previously lacked.

The piece doesn’t leave Wahl in the best light — which is probably a sign that she deserves praise for her candor. What emerges is a picture of a somewhat naive young woman who was slow to wrap her head around the fact that RT functions primarily as an annex of the Kremlin, and slower yet to conclude that any such institution is inherently anathema to the practice of anything like real journalism. Still, if ever the phrase “better late than never” applies, it’s probably here.

In Pursuit of Disruptive Politics: Rand Paul at Berkeley — Jon Gabriel


Most Republican senators choose to speak at a post office opening, a county GOP fish fry, or the local Rotary club pancake breakfast. Meanwhile, the junior senator from Kentucky is hanging out at Howard University, Detroit and now the University of California at Berkeley.

Delivering a rare speech for a Republican at this bastion of liberalism, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday was given multiple standing ovations by the left-wing audience after railing against government surveillance and warning the students: “Your right to privacy is under assault.”

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Kudos to Rand Paul for resurrecting the genuine filibuster. It’s exciting, it reinvigorated conservatives, and he got what he wanted. Even Peter Robinson is arguing that the substance doesn’t matter: Rand Paul stood up to the administration on something, and he should therefore be applauded.   But, with respect to the inestimable Mr. Robinson, it’s […]

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