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The Washington Post (Again) Omits Its Least Favorite Statistic


Last weekend, the Washington Post published its annual misrepresentation of police uses of lethal force around the country. “Fatal Force” is the round-up the Post has published for each of the last three years, analyzing data it started collecting after the 2014 Ferguson incident. The Post discovered that the FBI’s data on such incidents was capturing barely half of them, and decided to do the job themselves. The fact that local police are not beholden to Federal masters is lost on the statists at the Post, but the database does an admirable job of informing the national conversation on this local issue.

The 2017 data showed that police use of lethal force continues to be very consistent. For each of the last three years, police have killed between 963 and 996 suspects (a variance of barely three percent), almost all of them unquestionably justified. While yaktivists would like you to believe that most police killings are murders, they are distinctly not. And while the Shaun Kings of the world will immediately try to present the subjects of such sad events (like last weekend’s shooting in North Little Rock, AR) as good students who were the victims of racial profiling, it is almost inevitable that the evidence, such as this video, shows the subject did something like try to shoot two police officers who had just told him not to worry about having “a little weed.”

But, I digress.

Radley Balko Finds a Good Cop. And He’s A, Well…


The folks among Black Lives Matter, radical Libertarians and “police reform activists” would have you that they don’t really want any harm to come to police officers. They simply want to prevent harm to people the police are dealing with.

They want you to believe they reject the idea that “The only good cop is dead cop.” But, the strange thing is they never quite seem to be able to say what a “good cop” is when it comes to actually dealing with dangerous people.