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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. The Strategika Podcast: Josef Joffe on Whether the West Will Still Fight


josef_joffeIn this next installment of our new series of Strategika shows on NATO, I’m talking with Josef Joffe, research fellow at the Hoover Institution and publisher/editor of the German weekly Die Zeit. Our topic: is NATO endangered partially by an erosion of will on behalf of both Europe and the United States? And is European reticence different in kind than the American version or just in degree? You can hear the conversation below or by subscribing to Strategika through iTunes or your favorite podcast player.

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. The First Amendment for Dummies


Most of us have some ritual to help bring us to full alertness in the morning. Since it is not socially acceptable to run an IV drip of caffeine directly into your blood stream, most people settle on coffee as their delivery method. I prefer a shot of adrenaline in the morning courtesy of the rage induced by reading the left-wing commentariat.

Take this morning as an example. The left has never been particularly fond of the Bill of Rights, but usually avoids blatant calls to abridge First Amendment protections on speech. Not today. The LA Times, for example, is wondering where free speech ends and hate speech begins. For the Time’s edification, I have included a handy Venn diagram. The yellow circle represents hate speech, and the blue circle represents the applicability of free speech protections.

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The Henry Jackson Society, an anti-extremism pro-human rights UK think tank, has just published a curious report on the potential impact of the Muslim population in the upcoming 7 May UK elections. Despite its strong and well-researched claims, it hasn’t seemed to have picked up much traction in the media. (For some inexplicable reason the word ‘islamophobia’ […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Another Day of Terror


While the news media focused on the deadly attacks in Ottawa, our friends in Israel also suffered today. A car drove into a crowd at a Jerusalem light rail station, killing a baby girl and injuring eight others. Three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun died at a nearby hospital and both of her parents were among the wounded; all three were American citizens.

Israeli officials identified the attacker as a Hamas member who had served time in Israeli prison. After police raided the suspect’s home, more violence hit his East Jerusalem neighborhood: