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Othering Your White Uncle Was Just the Beginning


I nominate Matthew Boose’s article, Apologize to Your ‘Racist Uncle,’ for Post of the Counter-Revolutionary Moment. Some hard and tragic truths are spoken here:

“But nobody defended him. After all, he didn’t go to college. He never worked at a think tank. He wasn’t an expert. He watched Bill O’Reilly. What did he know about politics? Political correctness, he failed to understand, was about decency, not control. “Reverse racism” was incoherent; you can’t discriminate against white people! Your uncle didn’t understand how racial hegemony works. He hadn’t read Angela Davis (or a facsimile of a facsimile of Angela Davis, anyway). He was just uninformed, or maybe he was just selfish. He was afraid of losing his advantages. He was irrationally afraid of Muslims and Hispanic immigrants. He bought a gun to compensate for his insecurities. He was the butt of every comedian’s joke, a stereotype of ignorance and hatred.

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BOULDER, COLO. After hours of steady rainfall Wednesday afternoon, drivers on Boulder’s I-476 were surprised to see the chalky, white outline of what some are calling a “noose” emblazoned on a highway overpass. “As you can see, racism is built into the very fabric of the city,” said Naropa University women’s studies/interpretive dance professor Lesbia […]

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