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I recently purchased Herrnstein and Murray’s delightful little tome at our local Half Price Books. I was busy corralling my 6-year-old out of the children’s section and toward the checkout counter while my wife was making our purchase, so I didn’t get to see the look on the face of cashier as xhe rang it up. […]

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Operation Dribble: The Game


“I demand equality,” Elizabeth “Dances With Wolf Blitzer” Warren screamed at the half-court line. “They have all the height. Our players need their fair share.” She pointed at Sheriff David Clarke Kent and his cowboy hat. “And, he’s a ….”

“Democrat,” I yelled to drown out whatever epithet she was attempting to hurl. “The R’s made him an honorary R, so under the rules of this game, he’s eligible to play on the RNC team.”

Liberal Privilege


I’ve wanted to write this for a while, and I haven’t heard or read anyone put these two words together before.  My only hesitation is using this language of the left against them.  Some say that is how you defeat them, others that it is how you become them.  And nobody wants that!

We’ve heard a lot about privilege in the last four or five years.  I think it is a real thing.  We may not have always called it that, but I think we have always understood what it is.  The populist wave sweeping the electorate this time around might talk about the elites and the people.  The implicit dynamic is that the elites have something that they use to make their lives easier, and that the people lacking it have a much harder time achieving the same ends.  Maybe its money, maybe its power, maybe its connections.  Maybe its private schooling, a good credit history or growing up in a two-parent home.  Whatever it is, it is undeniable that they have it and we don’t.

Why Hillary’s Lies Don’t Matter


shutterstock_287370743The only thing that seems to be multiplying faster than the national debt, Donald Trump’s audacious comments, or the left-wing punditry’s gasps of horror over the death of what was apparently the globe’s favorite mammal, is Hillary Clinton’s accumulation of prevarications about … well, nearly everything she’s ever said for the past generation or so.

Hillary’s claims about never having been served a subpoena and maintaining only one device for her emails were lies. Her claim that Colin Powell did the same thing she did — and that she wasn’t required to turn over anything to the proper channels — was another whopper. Finally — and this is the kicker — her insistence that people “should and do trust me” should have generated tears of laughter from pollsters. It was for good reason that the late William Safire once claimed that Hillary Clinton was a “congenital liar.” And that was almost 20 years ago. Matters have not changed at all since that time — and arguably have gotten worse.

The question is whether or not her pathological lying makes any difference to her chances to become the next president. The most likely answer is, tragically: no, not a bit. Why not? Because we live in an era saturated by habitual lying, brazen lawlessness, and spectacular hoaxes.

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Last week droves of progressives stood up and applauded as Bruce Jenner heroically embraced her “true” identity as Caitlyn. This week however, the same do-gooders find themselves doing a bit of soul searching as they feel inexplicably ambivalent towards Rachel Dolezal. If they accept the notion that gender is a social construct, an illusion, why […]

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Bask in the Crazy: Accepting Responsibility For Our Whiteness


shutterstock_85363474Though I firmly believe that the bulk of a conservative’s time engaging liberal arguments should be spent debating their most pointed, nuanced positions, we should occasionally indulge ourselves by reveling in their worst arguments and fringe elements. Fringe elements like Ali Michael, who took to the pages of the Huffington Post this week to help us all cope with the, and I quote, “overwhelming oppressiveness of our whiteness”.

To call the piece’s logic tortured is to downplay its severity.  The article is a war crime committed against rational thinking. At its core is the assumption that sin is transmitted from the actual perpetrators to their progeny. Whites are not merely beneficiaries of a form of privilege, but literally share partial blame for acts of injustice committed long before their birth. Social Justice is a jealous god, who visits the inequities of the (white) father onto, at minimum, the third and fourth generations.

Rachel Dolezal is a fascinating case study in White racial identity development.* She is stuck in the immersion/emersion stage, in which White people, having learned extensively about the realities of racism, and the ugly history of White supremacy in the U.S., “immerse” themselves in trying to figure out how to be White in our society, and “emerge” with a new relationship to Whiteness.