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It was August 11, 1984.  United States President Ronald Reagan was about to deliver his scheduled weekly radio address, in this case from the Western White House–Rancho del Cielo–in California. During the tune-up for the official soundbite, Reagan thought he’d have a little fun, and so he riffed (unaware–or at least that’s what we’re expected […]

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Quote of the Day: ‘Happy Birthday to You!’


Profile picture of James LileksSo, there I was, on the way to looking up other things: Lord, I wish I could count the number of posts here I’ve started out that way.  But isn’t that one of the things that life’s about?  Curiosity?

I think so.  And fortunately we have this marvelous thing called the Internet which makes it so easy to indulge.  The yen to look for things, I mean.  The late Mr. She would occasionally remark on how recent generations are the first which are able to encompass, in both audio and video, every aspect of their history–and, oh, BTW–what a shame it is that we are making such a hash of things by repeating the same mistakes over and over, when there’s clear evidence before our eyes of how destructive those mistakes are.

True dat.

Quote of the Day: ‘He Deserves the Gratitude of All His Countrymen’


Thus spoke President Harry Truman of Ernest Taylor Pyle.

Ernie Pyle was born 122 years ago Wednesday, on August 3, 1900, in Dana, Indiana. He died not quite 45 years later, on April 18, 1945, in the Iejima Okinawa Prefecture of the Empire of Japan, killed in action while doing what he loved.

Having missed out on his first ambition–to serve in World War I–he undertook the study of journalism at Indiana University, and eventually found a career at Scripps-Howard, where his “everyman” story-telling style became his trademark for the next twenty years.