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Ukraine War: Putin Needed Biden


We were told that Trump was Putin’s stooge. That his election was the result of “Russian Collusion.” Never mind the sanctions or lack of evidence, Trump was Putin’s preferred president, right?

Well, according to former national security official Fiona Hill, Putin waited until Trump left office before invading Ukraine. Hill, who previously testified against Trump in his impeachment hearing, said of Putin:

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a new congressional map in New York that should give Republicans better chances to win more seats than the heavily gerrymandered version from Democrats that multiple courts have struck down. They’re also pleasantly surprised to see Russian President Vladimir Putin say Sweden and Finland joining NATO will not be seen as a direct threat to Russia. And Jim takes a deep dive into the skyrocketing cost of diesel fuel, what’s behind it, and what the consequences will be.

Join Jim and Greg as they breathe a tad easier after Vladimir Putin does not announce any escalation of the Ukraine war in his Victory Day speech. They also fume as the Biden administration still can’t find the courage to tell protesters to stay away from the homes of Supreme Court justices. And recently uncovered voting records add to their unease about the idea of Sen. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania.


Join Jim and Greg as they review the latest predictions out of the Cook Political Report and  UVA Crystal Ball, which shifted 11 house races toward the Republicans. Many races were updated from ‘Likely R’ to ‘Safe R’, but it casts an ominous shadow over the Democrats’ chances of keeping the House in a critical midterm election. They also cringe at MSNBC host Nicole Wallace for calling Gov. Ron DeSantis’ education bill “dehumanizing” and comparing him and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Russian soldiers raping Ukrainian children. And despite being even older than Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is considering running for president in 2024, according to a leaked memo.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that the Moskva – the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet – was sunk by missile strikes, even though the Russians won’t admit that part of the story. They’re also glad to see border agents vindicated over the false accusations from President Biden, DHS Sec. Mayorkas and others that they whipped Haitian migrants. And they discover another congressman who won’t go back to Washington – this one for at least a year-and-a-half.


Join Jim and Chad as they celebrate the U.K. lifting its fracking ban. They also react to reports that Senator Susan Collins will support Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, essentially ensuring Jackson a spot on the high court. And despite assurances they are pulling back from Kiev, the Russian military continues its campaign.

This week on “The Learning Curve,” co-host Cara Candal talks with John Lewis Gaddis, the Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military and Naval History at Yale University, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of George F. Kennan: An American Life. He shares some of the wider background knowledge, major historical themes, and key events that today’s students should know about the Cold War and its impact. He discusses the life and legacy of George F. Kennan, the subject of his Pulitzer-winning biography, who was the architect of America’s Containment policy toward Soviet communism and understood the true character of the Russian people and why communism would fail. They survey some of the outstanding political, military, literary, and religious leaders, as well as the murderous dictators, of the Cold War era. Prof. Gaddis explains why the West has often seemed less resolute towards Communist China and Putin’s Russia since the Cold War, and explores what teachers, students, and the public should know regarding Russia’s long-standing goal of dominating Ukraine. The episode concludes with a reading from Prof. Gaddis’s book, The Cold War: A New History.

Stories of the Week: In Massachusetts, education policymakers are moving ahead with a second review of the Boston Public Schools (BPS), which may lead to state receivership, after reports found that 16,000 BPS students attend schools performing in the bottom 10 percent statewide. Pioneer Institute’s Senior Fellow Charles Chieppo, most recently co-author of a RealClearPolicy op-ed on this topic, joins Cara for an in-depth discussion.

Join Jim and Chad as they analyze how China’s ‘zero-COVID’ strategy is having a tumultuous effect on it’s cities and economy. They also shake their heads at a new report that found as much as $80 billion was stolen from the Paycheck Protection Program. And in another press conference fumble, President Biden may have admitted that the U.S. is training Ukrainian troops in Poland.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to a new NBC poll that has President Biden’s approval rating at a record low 40%. They cringe at Biden’s gaffe-stricken trip to Europe and what it means for American foreign policy. And your favorite podcast hosts share their opinions on Will Smith’s public slapping of Oscars presenter Chris Rock.

Loose Lips Sink Ships (of State)


The dotard’s discourse has deadly consequences at home and abroad. pResident Biden has already caused thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of violent deaths in Ukraine, for starters. And the butcher’s bill will likely tally much higher over the next two years, and more if the self-serving RepubliCAN’T cohort, led by Mendacious McConnell and Misleading McCarthy, get their way. McConnell and McCarthy are salivating, to put it politely, over the pain abroad and at home. They are already measuring their imagined new offices for drapes and carpet, while rolling in donors’ dough. If we allow them to win, if we do not use the primary process to crush them, we will pay — from the pump, to the grocery store, to our liberty and our future prospects in the world.

No president in the entire history of confrontation between the nuclear superpowers, the Russian empire and the American republic, has ever spoken deliberately on microphone, let alone on camera, as has pResident Biden. Here are his words, from the official White House transcripts.

State of the Union 2022:

Join Jim and Greg as they react to encouraging reports of Ukrainian resistance against the Russian military, including the sinking of the Russian landing ship called “Orsk”. They breathe a sigh of relief as Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer confirms fellow Justice Clarence Thomas is OK and recovering from an infection. And a $700 million dollar yacht allegedly belonging to Vladimir Putin is sitting empty off the coast of Tuscany as the Russian crew working on it suddenly abandoned the vessel.

Join Jim and Greg as they wonder if Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s inability to define “woman” disqualifies her from the high court. They cover Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s announcement that many more interest rate hikes are coming and that inflation may last for three more years. And Russian Climate Envoy Anatoly Chubais steps down, citing his opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin for refusing to approve radical Federal Reserve nominee Sarah Bloom Raskin despite pressure from the left.  They also chide New Jersey Rep. Tom Malinowski for dismissing parents’ concerns about schools as made-up cultural BS and they see it is a signal that Democrats are in big trouble for the upcoming midterms.  And “The View” hosts Ana Navarro and Whoopi Goldberg accuse Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard of treason.

Member Post


Alright, I’m no expert, but I’ve seen people here (you know who you are, and if you forget, others will help you) insinuating fairly directly that Ukraine supporters are influenced by some argument that Putin is fighting to save the God-fearing, White, Enlightenment something or other.  And then some other people ask where anybody has […]

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Biden, Jew-hating Left, Enable Putin and Iranian Theocracy


red green jump pointIran is not the problem, nor is Russia, per se, rather, the ruling elites in each country hold aggressive, expansionist views. AND. pResident Biden and the Jew-hating left have common cause with these two petro-dollar fueled powers. That is, sadly, nothing new. What is new is the open linkage of Russian and Iranian regimes in a triangle with the secular left in the Swamp. These two malign actors are allies of convenience, forming a new and much more formidable “axis of evil” with the imperial Chinese leadership. So it is that the Russian regime uses the computer skills of Iranians to attack the West, perhaps in place of former Warsaw Pact hackers whose governments are no longer cozy with Moscow. The Swamp, including the congressional Republican’ts led by Mendacious McConnell and Misleading McCarthy, will do nothing real about this, as they need Russia to deliver a new and even more dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

The Swamp and the New Axis of Evil

I have posted a series of articles pointing to the red-green alliance of convenience between the secular left and Islamists, each headed by this base graphic, modified with the particular focus of the article. It illustrates a political leap forward powered by the red and green forces together. I have also pointed to the collusion between McConnell, McCarthy, their congressional enablers, and the Democrats against us. We also all know that the Republican establishment sold out Americans for the benefit of economic elites through trade deals with China, deals disrupted by our champion, President Trump. If we tolerate, if we enable, Republican congressional candidates winning in 2022 primaries without pledging to actually deliver on campaign policy promises by first changing leadership personnel, we will get more planned failure and more damage to our land and our lives.

Our Real Russia Problem


Steven Hayward, writing over at Power Line, offers a concise, incisive explanation of our real Russia problem. A month ago, I wrote about Vladimir Putin’s vision of history and argued that he is not properly understood when we sling terms around like “thug.” Instead, I argued that we can only really understand Putin and his Russia properly if we understand him to be in the long line of Russian tzars (czars). I consider myself in good company with Steven Hayward extending the point to our chattering and governing elite.

As I wrote:

Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy learning that the Russian convoy bogged down 20 miles from Kyiv because of lousy vehicle maintenance and cheap Chinese tires. They also shudder as Russia shelled dangerously close to Europe’s largest nuclear facility and seem to be deliberately targeting civilian populations. And they scratch their heads as the Biden administration wins its argument at the Supreme Court to put the surviving Boston Marathon bomber back on death row while also applying a moratorium on all federal executions.

Join Jim and Greg as they highlight the economic devastation Vladimir Putin is bringing upon his own country  by waging the war on Ukraine. They also express concern about prominent figures suggesting the U.S. and NATO launch drone strikes against the Russian convoys because that could easily lead to very ugly outcomes. And from actions from the International Cat Federation to attacks on Russian-themed restaurants, many are going too far in their attempt to condemn the Russian regime.