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Last week, Ricochet was rocked by a post from member @matt.corbett, “Two Kinds of Principled Punditry.” I would like to highlight a portion of his work that I found particularly cogent and expand on it, not as a rebuttal, but as a point of departure for my own thoughts:

Any professional commentator who laid down the NeverTrump gauntlet and stuck to it has, until November 9th, an alignment of professional interest with Hillary Clinton and diametrically opposed professional interest to the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States. This is plain fact. Even if one’s opposition to Trump was purely tactical in the sense of being predicated on the prediction he would lose disastrously, then it is in one’s interest that said disastrous loss actually come to pass now that the die is cast. It is always in the interest of a pundit to be proven right. That’s how one acquires credibility, the coin of the pundit realm. What hurts one’s credibility is denying this reality.