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It’s that season some of you love to hate: Pumpkin Spice Season. Some people seem to have definite opinions of what should and should not be infused/contaminated with pumpkin spice, so let us go to the extremes of the national conversation. Pumpkin spice BBQ sauce: yea or nay? More

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Mary Katharine Ham & Lyndsey Fifield are both at pretty big life change points and reflecting on all the times they moved, broken valuables, lost heirlooms, you know… basically this is a what not to do tutorial—with a little SEC football and basic-fall-love sprinkled in like just the right amount of nutmeg on your pumpkin spice lattes. Haters: bring it. Thanks to the lovely folks at Hillsdale College for letting us record in the Kirby Center!


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Glade Autumn GlampfireScented candles. What are they for? Ask a man, and you might get varying answers – for masking the stank of indifferent housekeeping; for turning one’s home into a firetrap (bonus if careless children and pets serve as the arsonists); for frittering away money; for making grown men sneeze. Like cushions, scented candles seem an item of home decor most men could do without. Indeed, 90% of candles are purchased by women. Yet candles grace seven out of ten households and come in more than 10,000 different scents for US customers alone.

As the autumn nights draw in, even earlier now that our clocks are set back, the clever advertisers at Glade invite you into the mind of their typical female consumer, so you can see what all the scented fuss is about. “LET TEMPTATION FILL THE AIR,” Glade’s ad proclaims, as a sultry alto invites you to “Dare to let fragrance take you places you never thought you’d go…”