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The Smoke


There was a prayer rally Thursday at the site of a scheduled Satanic meeting for young children in a K-2 primary school on the southeastern corner of Virginia. A schedule of meetings was arranged under a “tenant” lease used to allow for meetings outside of the familiar teacher-sponsored club arrangements that most people have experienced. No teachers were sponsoring Satan in this instance.

Upside-down Academia


Just a quick observation about what is, to me, a perplexing aspect of today’s education environment.

We have a kerfuffle in Florida prompted by a very sensible call to prohibit the radical sexual indoctrination of kids in pre-school through third grade. The “alphabet people,” as one popular stand-up comic likes to call them, have their nickers in a twist over the possibility that other people’s young children won’t be fed a load of malarky regarding their gender identity — won’t be, at least, until they turn nine.