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The Logic of Forever COVID


With summer turning to autumn, the local paper of ill repute is warning of a “twindemic”:

The one thing [epidemiologists] fear is the possibility that the flu could spiral out of control this winter and if COVID does the same, doctors could be dealing with a “twindemic.” A twindemic is a situation where there are two pandemics or epidemics going on at the same time, such as the flu and COVID-19.

Fauci Fully Vaccinated Against Criticism


Washington, DC – Dr. Anthony Fauci received his second vaccine dose today, which experts say will leave him fully immunized from criticism, fact-checks, or charges of not following The Science™. A spokesperson for the CDC said that Dr. Fauci, in an effort to avoid picking winners or losers among American pharmaceutical firms, chose a vaccine engineered by scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

After receiving his second injection in two weeks, Fauci was told by the woman administering his second dose that he may feel temporary pain or discomfort near the injection site. “Does that mean I shouldn’t come near this building?” said Fauci, an apparent attempt at humor which had reporters present outdoing one another with hysterical laughter and chants of “Give. Him. A. Raise.”

When asked by a reporter when we should expect the coronavirus pandemic to be over, Fauci quoted pre-med student John Blutarski: “Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is!” Fauci then gave reporters a thumbs-up sign, stated that he felt fine, and added that if all goes well Americans should be able to remove their second mask when home alone sometime by mid-October of 2022.

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  C-Anon is a disproven and discredited left-wing conspiracy theory alleging that New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D) exemplifies the probity, tone and leadership qualities Americans seek during the coronavirus crisis and which were sorely lacking by former president Trump and, more recently, by bloodthirsty Republican governors such as Ron DeSantis (FL) and Greg Abbott […]

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Munchkin Coroner: Wicked Witch Died of Covid


Munchkinland – According to Munchkinland coroner Dweebnic McPhallanx III, the widely-despised Wicked Witch of the East died of complications related to COVID-19. At an impromptu press conference where the old bat’s corpse was prominently displayed, the 712-year-old McPhallanx stated, “As coroner, I must aver, having thoroughly examined her, that she’s not only merely dead she’s really quite sincerely dead.”

As the county seat of the Land of Oz, Munchkinland officials reserved the right to ensure that the daft shrew from hell — who was frequently seen without a mask — was legally, morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably, and reliably dead.

The coroner’s announcement put to rest a widely-held conspiracy theory that the death of the vicious hag had to do with a frigging house landing on her dome.

Resisting Tyranny: California


A search on Pearl Harbor Day stories led to a surprising find at SFGATE, a sister-site to the San Francisco Chronicle.* Consider the trending stories late on December 7, 2020. Three of the top seven stories are skeptical, critical of the Democrats running the state and of so-called public health experts. This is a small hopeful sign from the heart of the radical left’s territory.

Soumya Karlamangla, of the Los Angeles Times wrote: “Many aren’t buying California’s ‘stay-at-home’ message. Experts say there’s a better way.” Public officials need to stop crying wolf and issuing unreasonable, unbearable demands in the name of risk avoidance. Instead, they need to promote harm reduction messages, communicating with people as they are, not as someone wishes them to be.

The percentage of Angelenos staying home except for essential activities has remained unchanged since mid-June — around 55% — despite pleas from health officials in recent weeks for people to cut down on their activities, according to a survey conducted by USC….

If I Were CDC Director…


I would start by taking the various department heads in a room to get my point across:  Professionalism and competence earn respect. At the beginning of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, 80% of people in the US trusted the CDC for information on the pandemic. It is now near 50% and falling. If the CDC is not trusted by the American people to provide advice on a pandemic, what is its purpose? (Aside from paying bureaucrats.)

The CDC must be a conservative organization. One of Conquest’s laws of politics is that any organization that is not explicitly conservative will become liberal over time, so the CDC must be conservative. What this means in practice is a presumption against restricting people’s freedom. People need to take risks and determine what is safe. We give them information so that they can make an informed decision. When we practice quarantine and lockdown measures, it should be treated like going to war or invoking martial law – never done lightly.

What is the Ultimate Goal of Virus Transmission Mitigation Efforts?


Everybody is going to come into contact with the Wuhan virus at some point, unless the person chooses to live the life of a hermit, the virus is not likely to just disappear. Efforts to mitigate the transmission of the virus can at most delay contact with the virus, those efforts cannot prevent for all time contact with the virus.

The probability that a person not already living in a nursing home will have serious medical consequences from contact with the Wuhan virus is extremely small. Very few people who come into contact with the virus will suffer significant negative medical consequences.

Today, American Wonk premieres COVID in 19, a new series where Scott Immergut of Ricochet and Avik Roy of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity discuss the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic in 19 minutes. On today’s episode, Scott and Avik break down new data on COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, give thoughts on the U.S. withdrawing from the World Health Organization, and talk about how we can safely reopen schools in the fall. New episodes will be released once to twice a week—stay tuned!


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In the current economic calamity, created by government edict, President Trump declined to add insult to injury with default level work visa issuance. Mark Kirkorian’s assessment is far more positive than he has sounded in a long time, even about the Trump administration. At the same time, illegal immigrants and their organized leftist enablers have […]

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I Wear a Mask


Obviously not while inside by myself, but I wear a mask whenever I expect to walk by people or I am getting a delivery. It’s partly because it is required by our crazy governor (statewide lockdowns are stupid), and partly because I want to protect other people. There’s also the fact that we will enforce masking at work, and I’ll be damned if I enforce a rule I won’t practice myself. (I became a stringent recycler in my private life when I was asked to implement a recycling program at my last job)  It also is not really harming me, and I try to wear only quality American-made masks and bandanas.

I even stopped a pair of police officers and asked if the CPD didn’t give them masks. I said I’d give them bandanas suitable for masks if the department had left them out. Turns out they had just taken them off to talk outside their car. We chatted a bit before I finished heading home with dinner. It’s not like you could actually social distance from your partner in a squad car…

Public Health: Personal and Public


But for “public health,” you would not be reading these words. What follows starts with the personal and moves to the public, writ large. None of this should be controversial, as we all kind of know, or knew before the latest political gambit blasted through our collective memories and quickly polarized information into take it all for what it is worth.

The personal: But for public health, you would not be reading these words. My mother graduated from college with her BN in the late 1950s and went to work for the city of Philadelphia as a public health nurse. They called themselves “streetwalkers for the city of Philadelphia” because they walked a beat, bringing front-line medical care to poor sections of town. Mom was very tall for her era, a lean 5’11” white woman perfectly safe in an all-black neighborhood because the drug gangs had not yet arisen and driven off the old men who sat on every stoop keeping a watchful eye over “their nurse.”

The pay was not great, so a number of nurses roomed together and threw a spaghetti dinner almost every weekend, designed to attract young men from the medical schools and such. That, and 10th Presbyterian Church, is why my parents met, married, had me and three girls, and are wonderfully still married to this very day.

COVID Congratulations!


Congratulations should be in order. The public health leadership asked us to give them time, to change our lifestyles to slow the progression of the disease.  At great personal and social cost, we successfully flattened the curve. We bought time for the medical and research professionals to catch up. Outside of the New York City DeBlasio Debacle, we did what everyone was asking of us, and the results are showing it. This should be a time to start relaxing the lockdown, as it has succeeded outside of NYC. Tim Carney speaks for me here.

What’s utterly infuriated to me is that a lot of people are trying to claim this is a failure.

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Fox News has posted both parts of the Sunday evening news event to its YouTube channel, making it available to everyone. The title make the theme, and President Trump’s focus, clear: “America Together: Returning to Work Town Hall.” The setting was amazing, reminding me of the old stories about President Reagan and Michael Deaver using […]

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Faces of “Non-Essential” Workers, and a Real “Public Health” Perspective


The White House web and social media team is whip-sharp. A day after the event with small businesses we get highlight videos out on the lawn. Even the images over the video titles paint a picture of America beyond the Beltway and the cultural capitals; just look at the line-up of the newest videos on the White House YouTube channel. We see the leader of the nation’s oldest public health service, the original federal force to stop infectious disease from entering and spreading through our port towns and cities. He, for the first time, provides inconvenient truth about the lethal side effects of the prescribed “public health” response to the pandemic. So, you get expert and human story arguments for reopening America as quickly and fully as possible.

Coronavirus Briefing Programming Shakeup?


President Trump cut the daily briefing down to under 30 minutes on Friday. He then had the White House coronavirus task force take a break from briefing the public over the weekend. This was a good pause without important news to share. Now there has been some internal debate and a report that the scheduled briefing was off until later in the week. That report was then superseded by a report that the briefing is back on, scheduled to start at 5 pm Eastern Time. The live event clock is running on YouTube.

There is reporting, with Kayleigh McEnany on the record, that President Trump is retooling the event. It is probably time for recalibration and show formula freshening, judgments Donald J. Trump well understands. Whatever the case, this bit of off-screen drama should help hold or push viewership higher today. Substantively, today’s briefing is supposed to focus on a COVID-19 testing blueprint.

To add to the intrigue, the White House just published a short video with Admiral Giroir, M.D., in his Uniformed Public Health Service uniform, finally speaking with the voice of authority for the full definition of public health. This was published today, Monday.

A Worthy Counterpoint by Emergency Room Doctors


One of my sisters is seeing a drastic slowdown in medical laboratory employment in Washington state. This is a predictable side effect of Dr. Fauci’s “public health” fraud, in which he has consistently misrepresented his unconstrained opinion from a mere slice of the whole field of public health as a fully informed recommendation.* This was simply not the case from Day One, with real public health including suicide prevention, substance abuse treatment and prevention, domestic abuse of every flavor, and prevention and early treatment of lethal diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke. All of these are being predictably aggravated as known side effects of Fauci’s flawed prescription for treatment of the Chinese coronavirus.

We will, indeed, face a public health crisis as the country re-opens, as the healthcare system gets slammed by patients with delayed, worsened conditions at the same that everything from the local lab to the largest hospital scrambles to get staff back to work. Hear it from two ER doctors from California [hat tip to John Hinderaker at Power Line]:

AG Barr: Microbes Are the Real Threat, Not Climate Change


Attorney General Barr gave a substantial interview to Laura Ingraham on Thursday, April 8, 2020, and Fox News posted the portion of the interview that addressed the legal aspects of the government response to the Chinese Wuhan coronavirus. The politically hot portion, where Barr discussed the Durham investigation, is not posted publicly, requiring you to access the Fox website with a cable provider subscription. However, I was far more interested in the public segment, both for some reassurance about reestablishing our liberty and for the attorney general’s remarks about China and this virus. One remark struck a chord with my thinking about lessons learned from this shocking episode in our nation’s history.

I felt for a long time, as much as people talk about global warming, that the real threats to human beings are microbes, and being able to control disease. And that starts with controlling your border.

Why Can’t We Be More Like Sweden?


Why can’t we be more like Sweden? Boy, I never thought I’d write those words, but I just did. You may ask in what way would I like the US to be more like Sweden? Well, it turns out they are the only country in the western world in which the government has not unilaterally shut down society in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they are just as interested in the economic, social, and psychological health of their citizens as they are in minimizing death and illness from the coronavirus. They are, therefore, treating their citizens as responsible, rational adults.

So far, Sweden has closed its borders to non-EU nations, has restricted public gatherings to less than 50 people, and, well, that’s about it for enforced prohibitions. Otherwise, the government has issued a number of advisories including asking people to practice social distancing, work from home if possible, students over 16 are asked to study from home, and those 70 and over are urged to self-isolate. Most private businesses remain open, restaurants still offer table service, private meetings and parties continue apace, and elementary schools are open. This does not mean that Sweden has not yet felt any pain from the virus. According to the NBC News article I linked to as of March 31, Sweden had recorded approximately 4,500 cases of coronavirus and 180 deaths therefrom.

I’d be interested in what the people here at Ricochet who have been paying much closer attention to the numbers than have I, such as @rodin and @arizonapatriot have to say about Sweden’s coronavirus policy. I’m also interested in what the numerous Ricochet physicians think about the policy.

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It sent a shudder up and down my spine today when I heard the malevolent partisan, US Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) echo something I called for a couple of days ago – a national commission on a path forward, and lessons learned, from Coronavirus. Except, we have VERY DIFFERENT approaches. Schiff wants Democrats in Congress […]

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Seth Barron and Nicole Gelinas discuss the coronavirus outbreak in New York City, the drastic measures being taken to control its spread, and the consequences of an economic slowdown for the city and state budget, the MTA, and New York residents.

New York—particularly New York City—is moving toward a full shutdown. Over the past week, schools have cancelled classes for an extended period and restaurants, bars, and many other businesses have closed. The historic losses in revenue to the city’s public-transit system alone will require a multibillion-dollar bailout, Gelinas believes. Read more of City Journal’s COVID-19 coverage here.