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Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim today. Join Jon and Greg as they discuss Republicans in the Tennessee State House of Representatives moving to expel three Democrats for collaborating with gun control activists and joining in their protests that disrupted proceedings on the House floor last week. They also hammer DCCC Chairwoman Suzan DelBene and her husband, Kurt, over the leaking of confidential veteran records of several Republican congressional candidates in the 2022 election cycle. Finally, they highlight the importance of today’s elections for control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the runoff between Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson in the Chicago mayor’s race.

Lawyers Who Eat Their Own


The supposedly spontaneous student protest at Stanford Law School was more insidious than it first appeared. It was disturbing enough that students shouted down federal judge Kyle Duncan, preventing him from speaking at all. But the protest was part of a nationwide effort by the National Lawyers Guild, an organization that has a long history of Marxist and anti-American activity.

And their work is not finished. This article provides a background on the NLG, but I’ve selected a few paragraphs that explain how dangerous they are. Please note that the NLG was organized as an alternative to the American Bar Association in the 1930s:

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect the reversal of the Biden retirement narrative and now Democrats seem to be unifying behind an unpopular president in decline. It might be the GOP’s best chance to win, but it’s no guarantee. They also shake their heads as the Biden administration offers no response to the protests in China and Canada’s Justin Trudeau finds protests designed to change public policy to be “worrisome.” And they wade into the battle to lead the Republican National Committee, assessing the candidacies of current chairman Ronna McDaniel, New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. And they bid farewell to one of the great actors from “Die Hard.”

After a brief discussion of the Jets decisive victory over the Bears, Jim and Greg cheer on the brave protesters in China who are fed up with the CCP’s suffocating COVID policies and demanding other freedoms in the face of a repressive regime. They also wince as an Iranian paramilitary group violently confronts protesters and even blinds many of them. And they react to Trump’s dinner with Kanye West last week that also included Milo Yiannopoulos and Nick Fuentes – a trio that Jim refers to as “the Mount Rushmore of lunatics.”

Join Jim and Greg as they are stunned by the Iranian World Cup team refusing to sing their national anthem and the captain directly stating that the players support the protesters back home. Jim also lays into FIFA, which organizes the World Cup, for its pattern of corruption and coziness with authoritarian regimes like Qatar, Russia, and China. And they have plenty to say about how Democrats plan to help Donald Trump become the GOP nominee in 2024 because they think he will be easier to beat than Gov. DeSantis.

Join Jim and Greg discuss how the 3 Martini Lunch factored into a major debate Tuesday night! Then the turn to the martinis as they welcome polling evidence that even more House races are tilting towards the Republicans and nearly all generic polls show a GOP edge…but you still need to vote! They also groan as Saudi intelligence suggests Iran is planning an “imminent” attack but also note the likely return of Benjamin Netanyahu to in Israel. And President Biden plans to discuss why voting for his party is needed to save democracy after his party spent millions trying to get Republicans nominated who they considered the most extreme.

Is a Judge Using Cancel Culture to Boycott Cancel Culture?


When I first heard that Judge James Ho publicly criticized Yale Law School for its practice of cancel culture, I was delighted. Not only did he criticize the school, but he said he would no longer hire clerks who graduated from Yale. I called out a raucous cheer, so delighted was I to hear that someone of note was finally attacking the cancel culture disease:

The judge, who sits on the US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, cited a number of incidents at schools in which prominent figures had faced ‘campus vitriol.’

He singled out Yale – consistently ranked as the top law school in the US – for particular criticism, saying the institution ‘not only tolerates the cancellation of views, it actively practices it.’

Jim Geraghty is back! Today, he and Greg get a kick out of the sleazy Lincoln Project vowing to help Democrat Tim Ryan win the Ohio Senate race and Ryan’s team makes it clear they don’t want the group anywhere near the campaign. Jim sounds off as the Biden administration publicly confirms even more intelligence work directly connected to Ukrainian military operations, including the sinking of the Moskva. And outgoing Press Secretary Jen Psaki refuses to tell abortion protesters to stay away from the private residences of Supreme Court justices.

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A potential half-accolade for the Biden administration. I have not heard it endorse the emergency powers and other anti-protest actions and declarations of Canada’s Trudeau administration as much as I would have expected. I am open to the possibility that I missed it if the Biden administration has endorsed the actions of the Trudeau administration. […]

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Small, Inspiring Victories, Part 2


Like most of you, I found myself in the doldrums about our current state of affairs in this country. So a few days ago I wrote a post on the importance of appreciating those positive decisions, events, and victories that are happening, so that we might be uplifted and energized. For at least one more week, I decided to list some more “victories” so that we can also celebrate our progress.

More Dangerous Americans


Four people were arrested in NYC for burning and looting an Applebee’s restaurant.

Just kidding. We know that sort of thing is tolerated under the New Justice System. Heck, the Vice President of the United States contributed to a bail fund for violent rioters and that wasn’t a deal-breaker, even for people who work within the Justice System. No, the actual crime they were arrested for was protesting the city’s Vaccine Passport requirement.

Civil Disobedience: Count Me In


Let me be clear: I am not, in general, an advocate of civil disobedience. I don’t believe that people should resort to lawlessness casually.

Throughout the social upheaval that defined 2020, I resisted the temptation to join other protesters. I didn’t block traffic. I didn’t set fire to cars or buildings. I didn’t break windows. I didn’t steal shoes or televisions. I didn’t deface public or private property. I didn’t throw rocks at police. I didn’t terrorize any neighborhoods. I didn’t hit anyone with a skateboard. In fact, I neither injured nor killed anyone.

Hubwonk host Joe Selvaggi talks with Boston Globe opinion writer Jeff Jacoby about the troubling increase in antisemitic incidents, including the recent attack on a Boston rabbi, and how our current political rancor fans the flames of bigotry nationwide.
Related: The Boston Globe: How to speak out against antisemitism


Jim & Greg cheer on the Cubans taking to the streets to demand their freedom, despite the very real threat of punishment from the government. They also shake their heads at a new Wall Street Journal report showing the massive amount of debt Master’s degree students are piling up and then not getting the lucrative jobs they dreamed about. And they get a kick out of Vice President Kamala Harris being reluctant to support voter ID requirements because she believes Americans in rural areas don’t have access to photocopiers.!

QQ For You and Me: Bubble Tea, Diplomat


You may know it as bubble tea, tapioca tea, pearl milk tea, or boba tea. You may not know it at all. But, like popcorn chicken and scallion pancakes, bubble tea is a Taiwanese invention that’s grown to be beloved worldwide. And it’s not just a culinary triumph for the tiny democracy; it’s also become a symbol of important, and strengthening, international ties in the modern age. 

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Jaron Pensinger, a 21-year-old student at Georgetown University, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his time at President Donald Trump’s D.C. rally on Jan. 6 and how his role as a peaceful protester concerned about election integrity was misconstrued by his peers and the press.

The Other Ox Was Gored This Time


I don’t know why the elites of DC have their dresses over their heads about the violence in the capital yesterday.  For months we’ve been seeing rioting, looting, vandalism, and violence in our cities, and the news media has downplayed it, characterized it as “mostly peaceful”, and acted as if the right to free speech extended to the right to riot and break the law to address political grievances.  Clearly they’ve been communicating the message that violence is an acceptable means of protest.  So why are they surprised by this?

Of course, it all just depends on whose ox is being gored. 

QoTD: Like a Barefoot Dash Across Fiery Coals


You don’t have to be certain you’re transgender in order to go on hormones. In fact, Kaylee adds, going on hormones is ‘probably the best way to actually tell if you’re trans anyways.’

You might have heard that testosterone comes with bad side effects— but you’ll rarely hear them mentioned here. YouTube and Insta gurus are about fun, and increased risks of various cancers and prophylactic hysterectomy are certainly not that. The most common side effect of testosterone that gurus talk about is the one that burnishes their trans bona fides: pain. The pain is acknowledged—even conveyed with relish. Like a barefoot dash across fiery coals, braving the agony of an intra-muscular injection proves you’ve moved beyond playing dress-up. You really are ‘trans.’ And you’re not messing around.

More year-end awards today!  Jim and Greg embark on the second half of their six-episode saga known as the 2020 Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, they offer up their selections for the best political idea, worst political idea, and boldest political tactics for the year.

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Maybe quite surprisingly, little has changed since I last wrote about the Rusophone world, in September. Navalny’s poisoning with Novichok has been confirmed, Khabarovsk continues to be embroiled in corruption scandals and demonstrations, and the anti-Lukashenko protests have only grown in Belarus. Oh, and Vladimir Putin is now the hero of Russian democracy leaders. At least […]

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