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Join Jim and Greg as the they welcome a new GOP bill to require child support from the month of conception. They also cringe at President Biden’s pathetic numbers of prosecutions for illegal border crossings even as illegal crossings hit record highs. And they unpack Biden’s disastrous trip to the Saudi Arabia.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news of at least one prosecutor willing to file felony charges over rioters tearing down a statue. They also discuss old timer’s night at the Democratic National Convention with a special focus on John Kerry’s dishonest history and Bill Clinton still being invited to speak despite his #MeToo history and yesterday’s Epstein revelations. And they have fun as the woke left even tries to cancel suffragette Susan B. Anthony.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome Judge T.S. Ellis reminding Special Counsel Bob Mueller that he does not have “unfettered power” in his investigation and that he shouldn’t use his position to compel testimony towards a desired end in his probe.  They also also shake their heads as liberals are not getting upset with the Justice Department for enforcing existing gun laws and as officials in Broward County, Florida, admit that the Parkland shooter did avoid the criminal justice system for previous offenses by being enrolled in the school-based PROMISE program – and therefore never triggered any red flags when trying to buy guns.  And they wonder why Trump supporters are so upset that John McCain doesn’t want President Trump at his funeral.

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I’ve been against federal special prosecutors and various equvalents for some time, and that included Ken Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton.  In the end, Clinton was caught in a lie — perjury — and that’s what I think he should have been removed for. But the investigation into Monica Lewinsky should not have been a […]

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