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Rob Long is in for Jim. Join Rob & Greg as they cheer the major commitment the GOP is putting into winning over Latino voters as the Dems panic. They also sigh as the Justice Department appeals a judge’s ruling ending mask mandates for planes and other transportation, but Rob explains the long game the DOJ is playing here. And they react to a Boston University professor who suggests the rampant property destruction in the riots of 2020 need to be understood in the context that property is inherently racist because black people were once considered property.


Deep Dive on the Declaration of Independence and Its Relevance Today


In honor of Independence Day, for this week’s Big Ideas with Ben Weingarten podcast I take a deep dive into the Declaration of Independence, discussing:

  • Its unique place in human history and the cause of freedom
  • The link between natural law and natural rights, faith and freedom
  • The Founders’ emphasis on virtue and morality to sustain a free system of limited government
  • Parallels between the charges laid out against King George III in the Declaration and modern America from the administrative state to sanctuary cities
  • The Founders’ views on slavery, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and failing to live up to the values and principles of the Declaration
  • The imperative to defend liberty against tyranny
  • And much more

You can find the episode on iTunes, everywhere else podcasts are found or download the episode directly here.

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Can you bequeath a “license” to digital content — an mp3 music album, a movie, video game, or computer software — when you die? For now, you cannot… legally.  Eurogamer’s Chris Bratt explains why this might be likely to change in the next decade or two. Preview Open

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Resolved: It Is Immoral to Pursue Extravagant Wealth


800px-3D_Judges_GavelLeah Libresco is one of the most interesting writers in the blogosphere. After graduating from Yale with a degree in mathematics, she matriculated into the real world. She started a blog on the Patheos atheist channel that shot to the top of the charts. Libresco was quickly hired by the Huffington Post. She rose to prominence because of her unique way of arguing for the atheist position.

After several years of challenging believers with tough questions, Libresco shocked the blogosphere with her conversion to Catholicism. She now runs the blog Unequally Yoked and writes at FiveThirtyEight. She runs the podcast Fights in Good Faith for Real Life Radio.

I came across a review of her new book, Arriving at Amen: Seven Catholic Prayers That Even I Can Offer, at the American Conservative, and was captivated by the reviewer’s explanation of her quirky and sometimes flat-out weird theological point of view. My curiosity thus piqued, I visited Libresco’s blog, then made my way over to her podcasts, where I found the May 2 edition: What Duties Come with Wealth. It was great fun!

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This is his most famous piece of blank verse. Some mindless liberal actually suggested juxtaposing the poem with the Berlin Wall, I dare you to find out who. I’m going to try to persuade you that there is something philosophical about the details in this poem & I’m going to try to talk about the political […]

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Country Club Sues WWII Vet over Petty Property Dispute


Virgil Wesley has lived in his modest Kansas City area house since 1995. Now, a posh county club is suing the 86-year-old World War II veteran over the placement of his garage. According to the Brookridge Country Club, a corner of Wesley’s small garage crosses onto their property and Something Must Be Done.

Family members say Brookridge Country Club is suing Wesley for $75,000, because they allege 60 square feet of his garage is on country club property, according to a survey. “I thought somebody was crazy!” Wesley said, “I’ve been maintaining it all these years!” “He’s a WWII veteran, he’s 86 years old, he’s wheelchair bound, he has no money, no ability to hire an attorney, and they know that!” said Virgil’s daughter, Louanna Davis.