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I’m thinking this could be a simple way to connect with homeowners in Georgia who also own guns. “Do you like paying property taxes on your home? Would you like to pay the equivalent of a property tax on each of your guns, every year? Joe Biden cannot take away your guns, but he wants […]

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Everywhere You Look, Someone Wants To Stop MAGA


There is an unexpected group fighting the Republican tax cuts. The thing that bothers me here is that I don’t think the vast majority of Americans buy a home for their family so that they can deduct the property tax that comes along with it.

I moved into a new home in December and I never gave the property tax a second thought as a deduction. I wanted a home, a piece of the American Dream!

The Insidiousness of Property Taxes


Over on this thread, there is a discussion on whether the elimination of the property tax deduction would be a good thing. Any time the subject of property taxes comes up my hackles raise, my blood pressure skyrockets, and my wife flees the room so she doesn’t have to listen to the tirade again.

When the state levies property taxes you never truly own your home. Since private property is often considered a fundamental principle of a free society, this is a serious problem for me. My wife and I “own” our home. The state of Texas only charged us $325 per month to live in it this year, but that amount is expected to go up every year for the rest of my life. It does not matter whether I make $30k per year or $130k per year, it still costs me $325 per month to keep what I supposedly already own.