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That’s Some Stolen Valor, Right There…


18-year-old Skylar Fontaine of New Orleans is in love with a Marine. (C’mon. Who isn’t?) Her boyfriend, Gage Moak, was a year ahead of her in high school, so her date for her Senior Prom was 1,900 miles away at his MOS school the night of the big dance. Not only would she have to go stag but she would be deprived of all the traditional prom night photos.

Enter Clay Moak, Jr., Gage’s little brother. And I mean little brother. The younger Moak, who is just 2, was called upon to “stand in” for his bro during pre-dance festivities. (He did not attend the dance since that would have meant staying up waaaaay past his bedtime.)

Skylar posted the photos to her Facebook page and it didn’t take long for them to go viral. Now she’s got two handsome men in Dress Blues. How does she choose?