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Enviro-Fascism for Toddlers


My kindergartner (ok, not a toddler, per se) is watching some Nickelodeon show called “Rainbow Rangers.” I only paid attention to the background noise until I heard something infuriating.  Their happy little home was experiencing earthquakes; very odd, since they’re not on a fault line. What could possibly be causing this destruction to their home?

Why, fracking, of course. “Scientists say that it’s bad for the environment.” The fracking manager lays booby traps and is, of course, as evil as possible. Undeterred, the Rainbow Rangers show him a better way to generate energy: windmills! Never mentioned, of course, is that wind energy is incredibly inefficient and saves no money long term, to say nothing of the impact (pardon the pun) on fowl-life.

Reclaiming American History


It’s about time! Wilfred M. McClay has decided it’s time to take back history from the dominance of Howard Zinn, who disparaged America in his history books and wrote with an extreme, Leftist perspective. His books still dominate the market; his publisher claims over two million in sales (nine years after Zinn died). Although Professor McClay will not be able to change the history education of our children overnight, he has taken a major step in providing a balanced view of American History.

In an Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal (it may be behind a pay wall so I cite a number of other articles here), McClay decries the current state of history textbooks:

‘They’re completely unreadable because they’re assembled by committee, by graduate students who write little bits and pieces of them. I’m not convinced that most of the textbooks that have the names of very eminent historians on the cover were actually read by them, let alone written by them.’

Conditioning the Next Generations for Poverty


The idea that future generations would have less than the generations that came before them used to be a bad thing. Politicians railed against economic decline as a tragedy to be avoided. But lately, there has been a distinct trend in the news and entertainment media to convince people, especially people under thirty, that having less than the generations who came before them is pretty awesome.

Millennials don’t want to own cars, the media tells them. Cars use too many resources, and consume funds that could be used for public transportation. Speaking of resources, for the sake of the planet, you should only be allowed to eat meat once a week as people did in the Middle Ages, according to an advisor to the World Health Organization. You’ll be happier with less protein, and the planet will thank you. (And you’ll be closer to the Government’s idea of the ideal weight for you [the BMI] which was calculated in 1830 and labels normal healthy weight as obese.) There is also the spectacle of a front-running Democrat presidential candidate lamenting that there are too many brands of deodorants and that waiting in breadlines for food is the way it ought to be.

Segregation is Alive and Well, Thanks to Progressives


This country has tolerated the attacks of Progressives who experience great satisfaction in calling Republicans and Conservatives racist. We are now seeing the downside of their crusade, as segregation becomes a reality once more. The history of Progressive racism has been ignored for many years, but the support of the Left for various forms of racism in the past can be tied to the call for segregation today, especially on college campuses. It is a frightening and ugly picture.

We need to take a look at the history that connects Democrats and the Left to racism. The most obvious relationship became apparent after the Civil War during the period of Reconstruction. The Democrats in the South were outraged about the freed slaves who chose to support the Republican party; after all, Abraham Lincoln’s declarations of emancipation were carried out by President U.S. Grant and both were heroes of the black community. As a result, Democrats essentially waged a southern war against blacks who became politically active; they brutally attacked and murdered blacks who met to become politically active as Republicans. President Grant was torn about the appropriateness of sending federal troops to regain order in the states, but it was clear that another war was on the horizon if he didn’t. The Ku Klux Klan was formed in 1866 and was active well into the 20th century. It was one of the most vicious terrorist and white supremacist groups that this country has ever seen.

Meanwhile, we can point to a number of “scholars” who supported the progressive cause and were racists and eugenicists: