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Loaded for Bear, or How Moms Take Back Our Country


You’ve heard how parents having been fighting back at some school board meetings to take back the rearing and education of their children. Now Florida has set a new standard for fighting back, and it’s spreading all over the country. The message it is sending is more than a shot over the bow to angry Progressives. This exciting movement is called Moms for Liberty.

The group was started by Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich, and they began their efforts fighting mask mandates. When those goals were pretty much met with the help of Gov. Ron DeSantis, they started to go after books they called pornographic, as well as books that discussed gay and transgender questions, such as “Gender Queer.” Their message is being heard not only all over the state but all over the country. Currently, they have 60,000 members in 152 chapters in 33 states. Chapter locations can be found here.

It’s not surprising that Progressives are upset at their efforts and are pushing back: