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Heather Zumarraga, President of Zuma Global and the author of The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture joins Carol Roth to discuss the new reality for being a man (or a woman) in the workplace, and how to navigate it. From dating to other secret “rules”, Heather shares the ways that you can ensure to keep yourself out of trouble, avoid reputational damage and still be able to mentor colleagues. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on fashion indicators in the stock market.

In this episode of the “New Skills Marketplace” podcast, Andy Smarick (AEI) and John Bailey (AEI) sit down with Doug Lynch from ‎the USC Rossier School of Education to discuss corporate learning.

First, Doug gives an overview of the reach, function, and history of corporate education programs in the United States [3:22] Doug then talks about corporate investment in the learning development [12:43]. Next, he discusses workforce training and education in the military [18:06]. Doug subsequently identifies a disconnect between the skills institutions of higher education are equipping their students with and the skills employers desire [23:41]. Lastly, Doug suggests what policymakers could do to promote corporate job training and skills development [27:24]. Andy and John conclude with a reflection on their discussion with Doug.