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Prince Harry the Timid


I never dreamed I’d post something about this. As much as I love our cousins across the pond, and as much as I appreciate their tenacious clinging to their quaint and fusty old ways, petulant drama surrounding “the royals” strikes me as about the most boring subject imaginable. This will be my only comment on the matter, I’m sure.

The fetching American princess is getting a lot of heat right now, and I want to put in a word in her defense. [Disclaimer: I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her, but I understand she’s quite lovely.]

If Prince Harry can’t keep his wife in line, that’s his problem, not hers. I don’t care how “woke” she is, how much a progressive nutcase, how dissatisfied she may be with the crushing strictures of her high station, what a spoiled and narcissistic airhead brat she may be: if young Harry can’t run his own family, he probably isn’t man enough to represent his country.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are surprised to see prominent Trump critics David Brooks and John Kasich saying Democrats are moving way too quickly on impeachment. They also get a big laugh out of New York Times podcast host Michael Barbaro demanding that people leave the children of political candidates alone – while specifically referring to 49-year-old Hunter Biden. And they roll their eyes hard as Prince Harry says he has trouble getting out of bed some days because he is so concerned about the future of the planet.

A Modern Day Cinderella


I got up in the middle of the night for Diana and Charles’ wedding in 1981. I watched Kate Middleton and Prince William exchange vows. Then I staggered in at 3:34 AM Central to watch Prince Harry take Meghan Markle as his princess.

I realized I could have slept in another two hours, but they said people camped out for days! Thousands lined the roads to Windsor Castle. Major networks were broadcasting from every angle, which was a challenge, given all those hats! 

Kathy Lee Gifford was broadcasting in a little feathered number, only with a stuffed goose on top! Yes. that’s her sidekick, Meghan Kelly. The large parade of celebrities, friends, and a long line of royals finally took their seats, as a beautiful harp was strummed.