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Pride Month as an Exercise of Raw Political Power


What we now call “Pride Month” (formerly June)  began as “Gay Freedom Day” back in the 1970s. (I learned quite a bit about its history while researching a novel about a time-traveling gay rock star who saves the world from Madonna with help from David Bowie and Yoko Ono.) In the early years, pride events were opportunities — in the pre-internet Dark Age — for gays and lesbians to meet one another and socialize, away from the sleaze of the bars and bathhouses. (Of course, the bars and bathhouses were also packed during these events, but still…)

At some point in the 1980s, “Gay Freedom Day” became “Pride Week.” By the 21st century, it had expanded to a full month … and then two months, one for pride and one for celebrating LGBT history. As they consumed ever more dates on the calendar, they claimed victory after victory. Until, finally, everything the gay rights movement claimed as their goals back in the 1980s had been achieved.

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As we begin Pride Month, you have no doubt already seen the familiar Pride rainbow flag proudly flying from local government offices and adorning all manner of corporate promotions, products, and team uniforms. But were you aware of the many other flags and emblems celebrating a diverse range of identities and lifestyle choices? In an […]

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It is June 1st, the beginning of Pride Month. We will see rainbows popping up everywhere to symbolize this month-long event, from corporate logos to flags flying over government facilities to bumper stickers and posters. Where did the rainbow come to symbolize Gay Pride, along with iterations that represent other sexual proclivities possessed by individuals? […]

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Findlay, Ohio: A Case Study in Wokification


This weekend, I traveled to the city of Findlay, Ohio, to see an old friend. I expected to find beautiful buildings and good conversation, and I did. What I didn’t expect to find was a corporo-civic woke propaganda campaign being waged on its streets.

First, I wandered around the older residential neighborhoods and saw a few of the usual yard signs and rainbow flags. This is to be expected. But downtown surprised me. Rainbow banners festooned the lamp posts along Main Street, and a rainbow blob (intended to be a rainbow Ohio, I gather) had been painted at the center of the main intersection, in front of the county courthouse. A large flag mounted to a coffee shop read “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE,” and a bulletin board at the local deli was covered with posters advertising a marijuana dispensary and various LGBTQWERTY clubs and activities. Two activists of some kind roamed the streets in their Pride Month shirts, handing out business cards, while a local eccentric, also clad in rainbow attire, muttered to himself and occasionally yelled indecipherable words at the joggers and dog-walkers going to and fro.

. . .

Protestors Block SF Pride Parade


When I saw the headline I did a double-take.  Who, in San Francisco of all cities, could possibly object to the annual “Pride” Parade?  Had the Westboro Baptists come to town?  Was some alt-right hate group trying to make a name for itself? Perhaps an offshoot of Super Happy Fun America had taken to the streets to demand a West Coast Straight Pride Parade?

But no, it was leftists. It’s always leftists.

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate the Supreme Court decision that upheld a portion of President Trump’s travel ban, overturning lower court rulings. They also applaud the SCOTUS decision in favor of Trinity Lutheran Church against the State of Missouri in a religious liberty case. And they question Pride Month’s “inclusivity” as LGBT members of the Jewish community are ejected from a Chicago pride march for having the Star of David on a rainbow flag.