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The impeachment hearings have been a sham. I won’t list all of the violations of historic protocols, procedures, and assumptions that have been made by the House of Representatives. In the last 50 years, we have seen the abuse of the term “presumption of innocence” in particular. Aside from the overwhelming partisan politics, the confusion has emerged from the government’s inability to determine whether the impeachment process is a political one or a legal one. Unfortunately, this ambiguity has benefited the actions of the Democrats and been damaging to the case of the Republicans and President in particular. There are also far-reaching implications of what I believe to be the Democrats ignoring the presumption of innocence for the country at-large. Let me explain.

First, you might want to decide for yourself whether the presumption of innocence is a legal term or a universal right. One source defines it this way:

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Judge Roy Moore is GUILTY! Really? Did I miss the trial and verdict? How many Duke Lacrosse abominations is it going to take to cause people to wait for the EVIDENCE— that ancient, archaic, dusty old requirement our Founders deemed necessary to convict an American citizen? I am writing this (at 7:15 pm on Nov […]

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