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The Mueller Report: A Damning Indictment… of Something


As we wait more or less breathlessly for the release of the Mueller Report, the assumption appears to be growing that it will be, in the eloquent words of Secretary Clinton, a nothing-burger.

But it will not be a nothing-burger, even if it reports no evidence of collusion. Because we’ve spent more than two years obsessing over this, driven by a press that pronounced almost daily the beginning of the end for the Trump administration. If there was no there there, then someone has some explaining to do. Because many of us thought this was pretty obviously cooked up from the start, to hide either Clinton campaign embarrassment or, worse, Clinton/Obama collusion to undermine the 2016 Trump campaign.

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In Defense of Nathan Phillips


Okay, so despite his numerous claims, it looks like he wasn’t really a Vietnam veteran. And, sure, he gets his jollies being a professional victim, and picking on high school kids. But, come on. At least he’s probably a real Native American. More

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