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Cara and Bob talk with the great Dr. Howard Fuller, Distinguished Professor of Education, in this week’s Newsmaker Interview, about his passionate activism on behalf of education reform, his concerns about the lack of support among Democratic presidential candidates for charter schools, the power of teacher unions, and recognition of the need to continue organizing and advocating for school choice programs that benefit so many poor and minority children.

Stories of the Week: A year after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus v. AFSCME ruling, the AFT, a major urban teachers union, is reporting a 4 percent loss in membership. Will the losses continue in coming years, and will this impact their influence? In Massachusetts, U.S. officials have found that the state education department has violated federal law by denying Catholic and Jewish schools $120 million in IDEA aid they were owed for special education services over the past 5 years (see Pioneer research). In Virginia, a high school is requiring students to reflect on their “privilege” in a course on combatting intolerance – but are they being too selective about which forms of “privilege” to include?

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None of us here are big fans of The New York Times but the one thing I do is follow their Twitter feature On This Day. (@OnThisDayNYT) Here they tweet out photos of articles and front pages from years past and as a history buff some of it is just fascinating. On Tuesday, they tweeted […]

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shutterstock_259500479With all due apologies to my high school English teachers, I’ve just written a post that has no thesis, no overarching theme, and no signs that its writer has a clue what a thesis is, let alone a theme, and how to overarch it. A lot of thoughts and observations clog up my brain and I just gotta unload.

That the unloading is going to be inelegant is unfortunate, but it’s not like I’m being paid (it’s not too late to start). The only connective tissue between these ideas is my own insanity … I mean inanity. You know what, both words apply. Just read:

• They say it’s illegal to shout, “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but what about a sparsely filled theater? Like if it was five dudes watching a Pauly Shore retrospective, I bet it would be illegal to yell, “Fire!” even if there was one, because those are people we’d rather were dead.