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Heads Explode on Command: POTUS Takes HCQ


Trump thumbs upWell, the week certainly started off with a bang. President Trump held two televised meetings, one with the new White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council and the other with restaurant industry leaders. In the second forum, he took “questions” from the usual suspects, who naturally asked about everything except restaurant workers and all the workers in the supply chains that are harmed by governments ordering restaurants to go out of business or go far deeper in debt. The honking gaggle gave President Trump a chance to reveal something I had suspected ever since Vice President Pence visited a hospital, on camera, without wearing a mask. President Trump, and likely Vice President Pence, are taking hydroxychloroquine as preventive medicine.*

This matters for several reasons. First, it matters that President Trump, and likely Vice President Pence, are doing all they can to keep healthy during the pandemic. They come in contact with an extraordinary number of people, who themselves have had contact with an unknown number of people. No screening test is perfect. Second, it matters that President Trump is opposing Dr. Fauci’s pet positions with the positions of many other real medical doctors. This should help push the FDA to stop the #resistance on this drug that their associates in universities and industry cannot turn to money or career profit. It should provide a stronger signal to patients and doctors who wish to use it to prevent or treat early stage COVID-19. Finally, it annoyed all the right people, including at Faux News, so that was a joy bonus to start the week.

Beauty and Beast-Mode


Scanning YouTube yielded three starkly contrasting videos:

  • The First Lady extended Mother’s Day greetings and best wishes.
  • The Donald J. Trump official campaign rolled out a 30-second ad with over 30,000 views already, that the leftists controlling the metrics will admit.
  • Finally, my new favorite classical guitarist offered up another lovely garden session.

White House Week: A Very Different Bookend [Weekend Update]


[Updated with highlighted transcripts, commentary, and more video.]

The last week of April started with a Monday like recent Mondays, President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force battling the Democrats posing as reporters. President Trump then changed the media programming formula with a very different look Tuesday through Thursday. There were meetings with three governors, one Republican and two Democrats. The president and the governors came across as competent leaders working together through a crisis. There were events highlighting one group or another of Americans affected by both the virus and the known side effects of Dr. Fauci’s prescription for America. Meanwhile, the Vice President was out of Washington, visiting the Mayo Clinic and then a repurposed GM plant where ventilators were already stacking up on shelves for shipment. I characterized the week as “from the White House Whirlwind Tuesday, through the Wednesday Whirlwind, to the Thursday Twister.” So, would there be another big-time wrestling battle royale on Friday?

No! Instead, President Trump turned the new queen of the cage, Kayleigh “Crusher” McEnany loose on the unsuspecting White House press corps. Their executives should have thrown in the towel, as she outmaneuvered the whole room. That happened earlier in the afternoon, clearing the way for another controlled, presidential event: “Presidential Recognition Ceremony: Hard Work, Heroism, and Hope.” You can hear the left grinding its teeth all across the country.

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Fox News has posted both parts of the Sunday evening news event to its YouTube channel, making it available to everyone. The title make the theme, and President Trump’s focus, clear: “America Together: Returning to Work Town Hall.” The setting was amazing, reminding me of the old stories about President Reagan and Michael Deaver using […]

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Thursday Twister: White House Whirlwind Continues [evening update]


On Thursday, April 29, President Trump met with New Jersey’s Governor and then held an on-camera event highlighting protecting American senior citizens. In addition, he found time to sign the annual Proclamation on National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Meanwhile, Vice President Pence was in Indiana at a General Motors plant that had converted to medical ventilator production, recalling America’s history of wartime production powered by a public-private partnership where the public officials gave broad requirements and the private sector unleashed imagination, engineering, and skilled labor.

It does not appear that there will also be a press room briefing. I suspect President Trump will bookend the week and start May with a press room briefing. Between Monday and Friday, he will have created a lot of positive images and narratives beyond the adversarial pressroom experience. President Trump has been helped by Dr. Fauci, a career-long believer in vaccines as the answer to the disease in front of him. Dr. Fauci backed up President Trump’s vaccine claim when NBC tried to get him to attack President Trump:

Anthony Fauci said Thursday that it is possible that hundreds of millions of doses of a coronavirus vaccine could be ready by January as the Trump administration seeks to speed vaccine development.

It’s all crazy today! Join Jim and Greg as we react to #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano suddenly finding a complicated gray area on assault allegations now that Joe Biden is one being accused. They also sigh as President Trump reportedly rejects polling data that suggests his coronavirus briefings could be hurting him politically and that he’s losing to Biden. And they recoil at the aggressive efforts to free prisoners under the pretense of virus mitigation.

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There is no rest, even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, for Trump bashers. Our current condition has brought the best, brightest, most innovative, and strongest to step out and combat this insidious virus head on. It’s taken leadership, courage, projecting a positive outlook when you want to cry, putting aside personal concerns for […]

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‘Let Them Eat Ice Cream’


Nancy Pelosi, second-time Speaker of the House, third in line to the presidency, gave two truly clueless interviews. Was it the Botox or the brain freeze from her favorite ice cream? Pelosi stood in front of a refrigerator that could easily be looked up. The price tag: $24,000. She opened the freezer section and gushed over pints of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, $12 a pint at their online store.*

On the same day, Nancy Pelosi boasted to MSNBC about blocking the refill of the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses and their employees. She spoke to MSNBC while standing in front of that luxury refrigerator, stuffed full of very expensive ice cream.

April 2, a Two-Act Briefing: Money, Money, Money, and ICU? I See You.


The April 2 Coronavirus Task Force briefing was even better than April 1. Secretary Mnuchin played Santa Claus, followed by Rear Admiral John Polowczyk (Vanna, can I buy a vowel?) announcing, and demonstrating, complete dominance over the supply and demand for relevant critical medical supplies. He truly knows who has been naughty and nice, and who has been crying wolf on supply shortages. State and local officials would do well to understand what he just announced, and get their acts together if their stuff is not already tightly wrapped. America will win; the Navy has arrived, along with every other military service.

Oh, and it should come as no surprise that reporters are calling for Orange Man Bad to become dictator, to seize and command the means of production. Really. They clearly have not thought through what that would mean if President Trump was then reelected. Thankfully, he continues to praise the American people and their beautiful businesses.

I will post the transcript, highlight and comment, as soon as it posts to whitehouse.gov/news.

Dear Chuck…


Ouch. This was hinted at in the April 2, 2020, Coronavirus Taskforce briefing, but I still was not prepared for this level of smackdown. It serves as forewarning to the leftist hacks like Adam Schiff that their continued dishonest partisan assaults, including their planned grand inquisition just before the election, will be returned with politically lethal force:

Warning: set down your beverage, safely away from your keyboard and screen! Now enjoy a “Letter from President Donald J. Trump to Senator Charles E. Schumer.”

Unexpected Disaster and Unexpected Triumph: Spring Storms and Flowering Futures


An important day in history will coincide with one of our darker days this month,* and President Trump should be ready to link the lessons of the past with our current condition. On April 11, 1970, Americans saw the increasingly mundane sight of yet another Apollo mission rocketing towards the Moon. There were no grand new tricks promised to amaze the global audience. Just two missions after “one giant leap for mankind,” Americans had a false sense of security about an extremely dangerous enterprise in the most unforgiving conditions. Then, on the third day of the Apollo 13 mission, we were given a giant bucket of ice water in the face: “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” That was 50 years ago this month, and what an auspicious time to celebrate America!

President Trump’s team must seize the opportunity now, preparing a video presentation and live link-up of the surviving key players, to remind the nation, at our likely Chinese coronavirus nadir, that there was another very dark week in which all seemed lost but Americans refused to lose. Get on Jim Lovell, who said “Houston, we’ve had a problem,” and Gene Kranz, the NASA chief flight director on duty when the threat unfolded, whose autobiography is Failure Is Not An Option. Celebrate our ingenuity, our resolve, our resilience, and link it all with our current troubles and responses.

Link the disasters of Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia. In each case, we were not expecting catastrophe. In each case, we mourned our losses, solved the problems, and advanced with greater safety preparedness. So too, we will now really learn from our response to the latest pandemic, because we know it will not be our last great challenge by a disease.

Put the Pedal to the Metal! Medical Theater Matters. [update: over 10,000]


I went a bit darker than usual yesterday. Thanks to some constructive feedback, I rallied back to my experience as a divisional Army officer in the late 1980s. That particular army was, for a relatively brief period, intensively focused on learning from training hard enough to fail, without blame fixing or avoidance. So, take it as given that plans will not survive contact with the enemy, human or otherwise, and get on with adapting faster than the enemy. With that perspective, things look a little brighter at this moment.

President Trump needs to get further ahead in the new coronavirus OODA loop. He finally has all of the federal agencies moving together in the same direction now, with changes that are breathtakingly fast for bureaucracies with decades of accreted layers of regulations and procedures. Each day it seems he is leveraging the media-driven panic to force federal bureaucracies into even further real innovation. He is desperately trying to limit the economic catastrophe dictated by his medical experts. The key state governors, all hard left, are actually acting in their states’ interests, with President Trump in full support. And.

President Trump has the capability to visually disrupt the narrative of doomed seniors drowning in their own lung fluids for lack of advanced medical support. It is this image, reinforced from an apparently failing city in Italy, that has driven us off the economic cliff. That could all change tomorrow. Consider the information that Secretary Azar revealed on Monday, and its link to the whole discussion about the need to “flatten the curve.”

How Much Does Dr. Fauci Really Care?


Dennis Prager spoke the hard truth Monday morning: Dr. Fauci is a lifelong government employee with a salary and benefits package perfectly insulated from the economic consequences of his words. He has absolutely no skin in the game. If Dr. Fauci truly believes it is necessary to put hourly workers, waiters, bartenders, and small businesses out of work, destroying them economically, then let him and the head of the CDC ante up.

Dr. Fauci’s easiest path is completely shutdown of our economy, doing maximum damage to people who were just starting to see real success and a brighter future. He can claim noble motives, even as he seeks to avoid blame for early failures. Words of concern and supposed sympathy tripping off a career bureaucrat’s lips ring hollow and are bitter to those he ruins.

So, President Trump needs to put this to the coronavirus crew immediately, giving them the chance to volunteer giving up their salaries until the federal guidelines no longer limit American jobs. Then, if they push back, he needs to drop it on them in front of the cameras. Let’s all see their real faces and real positions when they are made to live with the real consequences of their words.

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President Trump has continued to act within the boundaries of our Constitution and laws, including in his declaration of a national emergency for COVID-19. He has not used this crisis to seize power for himself, or to direct goodies to his party, supporters, or family. I will lay out some chunks of law and the […]

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Governor Cuomo Calls Out the Guard: President Trump Should Alert Federal Forces


On Tuesday, March 10, Governor Cuomo called out the Guard to combat coronavirus. He did so to provide skilled manpower to disinfect public areas and to deliver meals to people who have been quarantined in their homes in the New Rochelle hot spot.

The deployment comes as experts debate how long the virus can live on solid surfaces, Cuomo said.

“So cleaning those surfaces is very important with the right material and the National Guard will be helpful on that,” Cuomo said.

President Trump Addressed the Nation, Suspending Travel from Europe


The White House Live page posted the live address announcement, with a link to their YouTube channel. President Trump addressed the nation and also issued a travel suspension on Europe, excluding the U.K. He spoke into the camera from the Oval Office for ten minutes, sticking closely to his prepared remarks. He spoke seriously of both the threat and our nation’s resources to respond to the threat. He did not speak as an authoritarian ruler, instead of revealing that most of the actions he wishes to take require the assent, the action of the legislature. This is as it should be under our Constitution.

I took away the following highlights, and have posted the entire short address text below:*

It’s all-crazy and all coronavirus today on the Three Martini Lunch.  Join Jim and Greg as they go through the three key points from President Trump’s Oval Office address that were not consistent with administration policy and needed later clarification.  They also dive into the rapidly growing list of college and professional sports events being cancelled or radically altered, most prominently the NBA suspending its season after Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert tests positive for coronavirus.  Finally, they comment on movie star Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson testing positive in Australia while feeling slightly under the weather and wonder how much patience Americans will have for a long-term quarantine when many patients don’t feel that crummy and a lot of economic livelihoods are on the line.

Things are a bit more subdued Tuesday after Monday’s Wall Street carnage. So join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out experts having to spend time telling people not to snort cocaine or drink bleach to prevent coronavirus, no matter what they see on social media. As for the actual martinis, they actually applaud California Gov. Gavin Newsom for being one of the few Democratic governors to discuss the extensive cooperation he’s getting from the Trump administration and refusing to entertain media efforts to get him to slam Trump. Jim and Greg also assess Joe Biden’s dust up with an auto worker over the second amendment – from the facts to his verbal flubs to his insults. And they marvel that less than two weeks after Joe Biden was a political afterthought, few people are glued to today’s six presidential contests because a Biden nomination is a foregone conclusion.